Sindhi Sai Bhaji | How to Sai Bhaji

Sindhi Sai Bhaji

Sindhi Sai Bhaji is a popular sabzi or dal from the Sindhi Cuisine. This is a winter special made with freshly available winter produce. This dal is made with spinach and lots of seasonal vegetables that lends to a fantastic taste that can’t be achieved any other season. This Sai Bhaji is always served with […]

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Chitiyal Gobhi | Sindhi Mashed Cauliflower

Chithal Gobi

Chitiyal Gobhi is a mashed cauliflower from Sindhi cuisines made with spices and mashed gobi. This is a seasonal special dish. Chithal Gobi or Chitiyal Gobhi was a wonderful side dish that Vaishali shared with me when she came to visit us. She suggested making this as a side dish for the Green Garlic Pulao […]

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Chukka Aaku Pachadi | How to make Chukka Aaku Chutney

Chukka Aaku Chutney - Indian Mini Thali

Chukka Aaku Pachadi is a chutney made with Indian Sorrel or Ambat Chukka that can be served with rice. Chukka Aaku is also called as Ambat Chukka or Indian Sorrel. I am not sure exactly about the Indian name. However, it is slightly sour in taste and makes a wonderful greens for making chutney or […]

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Mutton Gojju ~ Andhra Semi Gravy

Mutton Gojju

Mutton Gojju is an Andhra Style Semi Gravy dish that can be served with Rice or Chapathis. The dish is made with a freshly ground spice powder that enhances the aroma and taste. This past one month I was into cooking nonveg for the kids along with our Vegetarian Meal. It’s normally Amma who cooks […]

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Gutti Beerakaya Kura ~ Lunch Box Series : LBS#84

Gutti Beerakaya Kura is a typical Andhra Style side dish, served best with hot rice and ghee. This stuffed Ridge Gourd Curry goes well with Rotis as well. The best part is, this is a no onion, no tomato side dish and that makes it really easy and quick to make for a packed lunch […]

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Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura | Drumstick in Cashew nut Gravy

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura is an authentic Andhra side dish, specially prepared in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Since I don’t like cashews I never ventured into dishes that feature cashews as the base ingredient. Ever since I have started making Paneer Butter Masala with cashew paste, I have overcome my aversion and don’t […]

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Udupi Style Eggplant Dry Curry ~ Step by step

I made this brinjal dry saute for the first time during doing September Mega BM “Buffet on Table, based on Indian States. I had done an Udupi thali and this Dry saute was part of the thali. Since we love brinjal dry saute, this was repeated after that. Though I never got around posting the […]

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Kaju Curry | How to make Vegetable Kaju curry

For the second day of cooking from bookmarked recipes, I have yet another one from Amma. Kaju Curry is quite a popular and much sought out gravy in the restaurants. Since I do not like cashew nuts, I have never ordered this myself. However I have seen my cousins always ordering this and enjoying, while […]

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Kerala Prawn Curry

I was finally able to get to Cooking from Cookbook on time this week. Reason being I had a delicious Prawn Curry all ready and clicked. Delicious I say, because Daddy wouldn’t stop praising this curry after having it this Sunday. Amma made it after seeing it in some TV Show. The curry reminded Dad […]

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Cauliflower Manchurian | Gobi Manchurian

Here’s another way of making Cauliflower Manchurian. Everybody at home loves cauliflower and we try to make it in different ways as possible. While the elders at home are fine with any version, my boys are quite picky and this is one vegetable that they like to eat. They especially love the Manchurian version. Ever since […]

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Alasandalu Curry without Tomato ~ Lunch Box Series : LBS#82

For today’s Cooking from Cookbook, I am going to share a new series that we have taken on ourselves. We refer to Amma and myself. Its a challenge to cook gravies, side dishes for both Rice and Roti, without using Tomatoes.  Today’s recipe is Black Eyed Peas Gravy without Tomato. Black Eyed Peas is called […]

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