Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding ~ Indian Sweet!

Kesar di Kheer

Today’s recipe is a sweet treat that I made many days ago. Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding. Kheer is a traditional sweet dish, made by boiling rice or broken wheat with milk and sugar. It is flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, saffron, pistachios or almonds. It is typically served during a meal or also […]

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Wheat Adai Payasam ~ A Sweet to Celebrate!

Well it happened finally! I was eagerly waiting for the article to release since the time I was contacted. This happened sometime after the Dosa Mela. Joanne contacted me to ask if I would like to feature my recipe in The Indian American Magazine, I was elated! She wrote back last week saying her article […]

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Saggubiyam Payasam ~ Sago Porridge!

Well I guess this saggubiyyam payasam finally had to come out today. I have procrastinated this post for almost more than a year and finally today I have been so held up with things that I couldn’t anything new for the last day of the Marathon. All the members were keen on posting a sweet […]

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