Samai Elumichai Sadam, Kondakadalai Sundal ~ Day 3

Samai Elumichai Sadam

Samai Elumichai Sadam is the millet version of lemon rice made with Little Millet. This is prepared the same way as you would with regular Rice. So for Navratri Day 3 Neivedyam, I made Samai Elumichai Sadam and Kondakadalai Sundal. My plan was to cook all the main dishes with different millets this year. Somehow […]

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Nachni Uttapam | How to make Finger Millet Uttapam

Nachini Dosa

Nachni Uttapam or Ragi Uttapam is an easy dosa made with Finger Millet flour and is very healthy for any meal. Since this millet dosa is widely prepared across India, I was unable to tag it to a particular state. However, I borrowed the Nachni word for Ragi Millet from Marathi. While I have made […]

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Ragi Cocoa Cookies ~ Holiday Bakes

With the duration my kids have been at home, unexpectedly because of the rains, I could have baked so many dishes. However each day was a challenge and each day drew with hopes of schools getting reopened. While it was fun the first week of unexpected holidays, it because too much to manage for us. […]

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Saamai Sakara Pongal | How to make Saamai Sakara Pongal

Since I decided to make Saamai for the weekend brunch, I had to come up with another dish. Since Saturdays are days when I make Ven Pongal and some special Neivedyam, decided to make a version of Sakara Pongal with Saamai. The saamai grains are tiny and end results looked almost like a payasam. It […]

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