Capsicum Mutter Masala

Capsicum Peas Masala

Capsicum Mutter Masala is a creamy rich onion tomato based gravy with the goodness of the vegetables included in it. This makes a delicious side dish for any flatbread. When we make the weekly paneer butter masala, we are also faced with the resistance from the elders at home, who are bored with the same […]

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Navratan Kurma | How to make Navratan Korma

Navratan Kurma

Navratan Kurma or Navratan Korma is a typical Indian cream gravies that have about nine different ingredients added to the dish with a cream base for the gravy. This makes an excellent side dish for mild pulaos. I made this Navratan Kurma as the side dish when I was making Moti Pulao  As the pulao […]

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Paneer Kurma | Spicy Paneer Korma Mughlai Style

Paneer Kurma

Paneer Kurma or this Spicy Paneer Korma Mughlai Style is a delicious side dish you can make for mild pulaos or for naans. Planning properly for this gravy makes it easy to make. We have been making Paneer Butter Masala every week for many years now, ever since kids started liking Paneer. Occasionally we end […]

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Kaju Curry | How to make Vegetable Kaju curry

For the second day of cooking from bookmarked recipes, I have yet another one from Amma. Kaju Curry is quite a popular and much sought out gravy in the restaurants. Since I do not like cashew nuts, I have never ordered this myself. However I have seen my cousins always ordering this and enjoying, while […]

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Paneer Butter Masala, yet another form!

For the final week of BM#55, I picked up to do Bookmarked recipes. I know everyone would be having endless bookmarks, and with each edition of BM, my list grows bigger and bigger. Infact it has become so bad that I hardly ever refer my physical cookbooks. That’s why I make sure I do the […]

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Aloo Channa Kurma ~ Side Dish for Rotis

Here’s yet another simple and delicious side dish for Chapatis. This gravy is almost a take on a mix of chettinad and a fusion, that I am not aware! Amma has a flair of mixing different different regional cuisines and arriving at a delicious gravy. We had a neighboring aunty, an excellent cook with a […]

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Brinjal Butter Masala

If you talk about a different gravy, then it should be this one. Amma recently saw this gravy in a telugu tv show and has been telling me about making it. We always look out for ways to cook Brinjal in different ways. Brinjal is Daddy’s favorite vegetable and Amma is always trying to see […]

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Butter Chicken Masala ~ Restaurant Style

Butter Chicken Masala or Murgh Makhani as it is also known, is one of the favorite dish that gets ordered when we eat out. When we eat out in restaurants, there are only few dishes that always gets ordered again and again. And butter chicken tops the list. If we end up ordering more starters, […]

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