Fresh Wheat Berries Payasam

Wheat Berry Payasam

Fresh wheat berries are chewy and have a juicy sweet taste. Make wheat berries payasam with these fresh berries where you can cook the berries in milk and jaggery. I got to taste this fresh wheat berries when Vaishali got it for us. Along with fresh jowar, she also got us some berries. So I […]

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Vegetable and Wheat Berries Salad

Wheat Berries Salad

Vegetable and Wheat Berries Salad is a quick no cook salad made with fresh vegetables and fresh wheat berries. The tender raw wheat berries are chewy and had an excellent taste as you enjoy the salad. This is the first time I am seeing and eating the fresh Wheat berries, all thanks to Vaishali, who […]

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Vankaya Batani Kura | How to make Brinjal Peas Curry

Brinjal Peas Curry

Vankaya Batani Kura is one of those simplest curries that get done for dinner most weekdays at home. This used to be our favorite and frequent curries done and served with rotis on a busy weekday and you only have about 40 mins on hand to make dinner. Brinjal is Daddy’s favorite vegetable and Amma […]

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