Kadambam Dosa, Mixed Lentil Crape ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Maybe I have already written about it. Yet thinking about memories, kindled me so much that all those memories came flooding in. If you are regular here, then you would know my memories are all always associated with food. I may sound so obsessed with food, but then hey I am! The other day I […]

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Mixed Dal Dosa Recipe~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Mixed Dal Dosa

Continuing on the Dosa Celebration, today’s special is this Mixed Dal Dosa. This mixed dal dosa is Athamma’s pure innovation. On Sunday, when I was telling her that the next 10 days might see a lot of dosas for breakfast, she said she doesn’t want those dosas based on rice. She remembered Amma making some […]

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Carrot Beans Sambar ~ Lunch Box Series : LBS#7

Carrot Beans Sambar

Carrot Beans Sambar is one of the sambar varieties that’s popular in Tamil Nadu. The sweetness of carrot lends a unique taste to this sambar. Since this post was many years ago, I decided to redo the same dishes and took new pictures as part of the BM#90, Redo Old posts. I enjoyed making it […]

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Vankaya Pappu Andhra Style | Brinjal Dal ~ Lunch Box Series #2

Vankaya Pappu

Today’s lunch is Vankaya Pappu, a typical Andhra Style Pappu made with Brinjal or Eggplant along with a Gojju made with Drumstrick. I remember the first time I had explained to a colleague about Brinjal Dal and getting a werid expression on knowing a brinjal was featured in the dal. I guess there are lot […]

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