Nawabi Aloo Masala

Nawabi Aloo Masala

Nawabi Aloo Masala is a rich creamy gravy that can be served with Naans or Rotis or even Jeera Rice and is an easy side dish to make. Amma made this many weeks ago and we all liked it so much that we had to repeat it soon. This surely makes even a hurried weekday […]

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Shahi Tukra | How to make Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra is an Indian sweet made with bread, thick milk and dry fruits, from the famous Awadhi cuisine, similar to another popular sweet called the Double Ka Meetha from Old Hyderabad State popularised during the Nizam rule. Shahi Tukra or Shahi Tukda is a variation of Double ka Meetha. It is prepared during the […]

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Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua Recipe

Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua

Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua is a sinful dessert that is quite laborious but worth all the efforts it needs to get done. While both Malpua and Rabdi can be served on its own, in this classic combination, Malpua is served with a serving of Rabdi on top garnished with nuts. When I did the Rajasthani Thali, […]

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Xaxaba Diphaphata ~ Flatbread from Botswana

Xaxaba Diphaphata

Xaxaba Diphaphata is a flatbread or stove-top Muffins from Xaxaba, Botswana. These quick bread are easy to make, with just handful of ingredients for a filling breakfast. As expected with the alphabet, it was quite tough finding a flatbread starting with X. From the beginning I had this Diphaphata from Xaxaba, Botswana bookmarked. Priya had […]

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Warqi Paratha | How to make Layered Parotta

Warqi Paratha

Warqi Paratha is a rich layered paratha popular in many Indian States and Pakistan. This rich paratha makes a delicious combination with any gravy. While I regularly make parotta, I was searching for W and ended up checking out many recipes and finally, this was different from the way I normally make, in sense of […]

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Vastad Rotti | Konkani style Banana Flatbread

Vastad Rotti

Vastad Rotti is a tawa or pan fried version of the famous breakfast from South Karnataka, Mangalore buns. While Mangalore Buns are made from refined flour or All Purpose flour, and deep fried, it can also be made with wheat flour. When I first made Mangalore Buns, I went the regular way and made it […]

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Sheermal ~ Awadhi Flatbread


Sheermal is a mildly sweet flatbread. It is made out of maida, leavened with yeast, baked in a tandoor or oven. Sheermal was traditionally made like roti, though current chefs make it more like a naan as well. When you are making as a naan, the warm water is replaced with warm milk sweetened with […]

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Obi Non ~ Vegan Uzbek Flatbread

Obi Non

Obi Non is a flatbread from Uzbekistan made with just a few ingredients without any butter and traditionally baked in a Tandoor. This bread is also called the water bread as it just has the yeast, flour and water in it. I adapted this from Sandhya and naturally didn’t look any further as she had […]

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Mitho Lolo ~ Sindhi Sweet Flatbread

Mitho Lolo

Mitho Lolo Sindhi Sweet Flatbread is a thick sweet flatbread from Sindhi made with wheat flour, sugar and ghee. This is also made with jaggery and requires slow fire cooking as the chapati is very thick. Once cooked, it’s soaked in ghee. This is served as breakfasts by the Sindhis though the trend is fast […]

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Laffa Bread ~ Israeli Flatbread

Laffa Bread

Laffa bread is a popular Israeli bread traditionally served with hummus as strips to dip and eat. However, as a street food, this bread takes different forms and is very popular. It can be sandwiched with Falafel, Matbucha or as Sabich. Middle East cuisine is popular for its various street foods, along with the dips […]

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Janta Roti ~ Flatbread from Odisha

Janta Roti Flatbread from Odisha

Janta Roti is a soft roti from Odisha, where the flour is cooked in milk and then cooked as Rotis. These are very soft and have a melt in the mouth texture. When I was checking for a flatbread starting with J, I somehow across this recipe. Initially, I hadn’t read through the recipe and […]

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