Tomato Karam Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Tomato Karam Dosa

Tomato Karam Dosa or Spread for Dosa is one of the staple topping thats commonly done in my inlaw’s place. Whenever we visit my SIL, we always end up enjoying this combination for one of the breakfasts and it being Athamma’s signature dishes, I really wonder how I missed making it to share here! When […]

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Cheese Tomato Open Toast


Cheese Tomato Open Toast takes just 5 mins to get done and another 5 minutes to get devoured. This really makes the most quick and delicious breakfast or dinner when you are on a run. Run I was while I was cooking the dinner and wanted something very quick for myself. I know you think […]

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Paneer Croissants | How to make Paneer Croissant Sticks

For the second day of Bite size Appetizers, I have a Stuffed Paneer Croissants. These are not your flaky buttery croissants, rather yeasted rolls. However these warm rolls are just right to lighten your time, when you are enjoying time party. In spite of blending in the paneer into the dough, I also stuffed it […]

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