Peas Potato Curry ~ Easy Dinner Ideas

Peas Potato Curry

Peas Potato Curry is yet another easy to make side dish for rotis and especially when you are busy to plan much ahead, this is one simple one to make. When Peas are fresh in the season, this is one of the sabzis that is often made. Of course, each time I make it differently […]

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Vankaya Batani Kura | How to make Brinjal Peas Curry

Brinjal Peas Curry

Vankaya Batani Kura is one of those simplest curries that get done for dinner most weekdays at home. This used to be our favorite and frequent curries done and served with rotis on a busy weekday and you only have about 40 mins on hand to make dinner. Brinjal is Daddy’s favorite vegetable and Amma […]

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Dhuska | Deep Fried Pancake from Jharkhand


Dhuska is a deep fried pancake from Jharkhand and Bihar. The batter is made of raw rice, Urad dal and chana dal. It can be spiced with vegetables to make it more filling. While Dhuska or Dhooska has become popular over the net because of our earlier marathon, I remember talking to my Bihari Colleague […]

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Matar Kachori | How to make Peas Stuffed Pooris

For the second day of BM#48, weekend Brunch, I planned for yet another elaborate brunch. Sunday breakfast at home is either Appam with Tomato Kurma or Poori channa. I didn’t want to break the tradition and decided to make two different poori variety to make it even more elaborate. As always the breakfast is had […]

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Peas Kofta Curry

Peas are such interesting things to find in a pulao. Though the season brings in lot of the fresh ones, I somehow don’t like to bite on a fresh one. It gives feeling of kacha which somehow doesn’t go well with taste for me. So I always preferred dried ones. Best of these would be […]

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Vegetable Biryani

Biriyanis in any form is great to have. Especially for a working woman like me, this is one easy dish to make and not think of side dishes and other extra items that we might normally have to prepare. Planning for a complete meal for the lunch is a big herculean task. Especially at home […]

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