Kadambam Sadam and a Birthday celebration!

Kadambam Rice

Kadambam Sadam is a Mixed Rice Variety popular in Tamil Nadu, cooked with different lentils and Vegetables. The highlight is the spice powder used to make this One pot Meal. Before sharing the recipe of the dish I made couple of days ago, let me share my Monday Blues!. Mondays are always hectic, but I […]

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Pesarapappu Kura for Poori ~ Yellow Moong Dal

Pesara Pappu Kura

Pesara Pappu or Yellow Moong Dal is a simple yet comforting side dish to be served with Pooris. My bond with this simple dish goes back to my growing up years. Pesara Pappu means Yellow Moong Dal in Telugu. As in Hindi, Dal refers both to the dish and the lentil. Kura in Telugu refers […]

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Bendakaya Bajji ~ Okra Bajji

Bendakaya Bajji

Bendakaya Bajji is a gooey stew made with Lady’s Finger from Anantapur, Andhra. This is a no Oil dish that pairs well with Ragi Sangati , a rice dish made with Finger Millet. This is my Athamma’s signature dish and it took me many years to finally get approval from Hubby Dear not because I […]

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Kanchipuram Idli Podi | Side Dish for Idli

Kanchipuram Idli Podi

When it comes to spicy podis to serve with Idlis or Dosas, Molaga Podi is the most delicious side dish. I am very partial to the Podi that Amma makes. I can have that Dal Podi with anything and everything. However there are certain dishes that gets a special spicy podis done and this Podi […]

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