Gulab Ki Kheer | How to make Gulab Ki Kheer

Gulab Ki Kheer is a delicate and delicious Kheer made with rice and dried rose petals. This thick creamy kheer, with a hint of the rose petals, makes this a wonderful dish to serve as dessert. For the final day of Festival Dish, I choose to make this delicious Kheer. I got a big packet […]

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Bread Pudding ~ Pondicherry’s Baguettes in Coconut Milk Basundi

Pondicherry Bread Pudding

Pondicherry Bread Pudding or Pondicherry’s Baguettes in Coconut Milk Basundi is a delicious Indo French Dessert popular in the Pondicherry that may not feature in other places. In fact, it was by luck I came across this dish. The inspiration for this cuisine struck me when Priya Suresh did this theme with Indo French Cuisine. […]

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3 Ingredient Oreo White Chocolate Fudge

3 Ingredient Oreo Fudge

Easy and quick to make this chocolate treat that only takes 3 ingredient and mostly that you have stocked in your pantry. This 3 Ingredient fudge is made with Sweetened Condensed Milk, White Chocolate and Oreo Cream Biscuits. While I had a list of 3 ingredients dishes that I wanted to try, when I was […]

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Carrot Burfi | How to make Gajar Barfi

Carrot Burfi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my readers! Carrot Burfi or Gajar ki Barfi is yet another quick sweet you can make for festivals. I have used khoya and condensed milk. You can use milk as well, though it is more time consuming. There are so many ways to make this sweet. I kept it simple […]

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Microwave Instant Palkova with 2 Ingredients in 2 Minutes

Instant Palkova

If you are craving for an instant sweet or want to make something quick for the upcoming festivals, then this Microwave Instant Palkova is your answer! This is 2 Ingredient cooked in approx. 2 minutes. I seem to have slipped into a forced break from sharing, due to various reasons. The top reason comes to […]

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Nutella Oreo Ice Cream | 4 Ingredient Ice Cream

Nutella Oreo Ice Cream is yet another easy 4 ingredient Ice Cream. I made this as part of my Valentine’s day special. Since I am travelling next week, I wanted to make something special for my kids. I used my 2 Ingredient Ice cream and added Nutella with Oreo Biscuits. I have been trying so […]

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Chocolate Milk Fudge ~ 4 Ingredient Microwave Fudge

Chocolate Milk Fudge is the next sweet made with milk components. I had a tough time deciding on what I should make as I seem to have exhausted all ideas. I have a huge packet of Milk powder lying around and I thought I will make a Milk Mithai with it. I should also remember […]

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Badam Kheer | How to make Badam Payasam

Badam Kheer or Badam Payasam is one of those sinfully delicious dishes you can indulge in. When I was making the thali with Tamil Nadu dishes, I was wondering what payasam to make when I realised that I am yet to share my Badam Kheer. I never make a Kheer at home as there are […]

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Eggless Caramel Tea Cake

Eggless Caramel Cake is the cake for the final day of Bakeathon. This is the flavour I have been wanting to make for a while now. I have skipped couple of days in between and almost thought I should drop out. However the flavours I had wanted to try was pulling me and on top […]

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Eggless Strawberry Tea Cake

Eggless Strawberry Tea Cake is baked with fresh strawberries and is very mild in sweetness as I was looking at making my Tea Cakes even more sugarless. All the previous Tea cakes which used about 3/4 cup Condensed milk or sugar was still little sweet for my liking and I thought I must reduce it […]

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