Alle Belle | Goan Coconut Jaggery Pancake

Alle Belle

Alle Belle is a simple to make delicious Goan Treat that can be served with Tea or as a Dessert. This will be a hit with kids as the pancake tastes wonderful with the stuffing inside. This easy pancake is stuffed with a mix made of coconut and palm jaggery. Since the recipe uses egg, […]

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Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua Recipe

Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua

Rajasthani Rabdi Malpua is a sinful dessert that is quite laborious but worth all the efforts it needs to get done. While both Malpua and Rabdi can be served on its own, in this classic combination, Malpua is served with a serving of Rabdi on top garnished with nuts. When I did the Rajasthani Thali, […]

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Roat ~ Sweet Flatbread from Uttarakhand


Roat is a sweet flatbread from Uttarakhand. These are made during weddings or other religious functions along with other traditional Garhwali dishes that are prepared. I came across this recipe during our other Regional Mega BM and ever since wanted to make it. I also read that along with this flatbread, they also make Arsa, […]

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Gur aur Til ki Roti | Jaggery and Sesame Flatbread

Gur Aur Til ki Roti

Gur aur Til Ki Roti is a sweet flatbread very similar to Puran Poli that’s made across many Indian States. This flatbread is made during Sankranthi with the harvest fresh Til and new jaggery. I had this planned for festival dishes during Sankranthi, then changed it when I realised I had to an A to […]

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Emirati Khameer Bread | Khamir Bread from UAE

Emirati Khameer Bread

Emirati Khameer Bread or Khamir Bread is one of the traditional breads from UAE, served for breakfast with fresh cheese. This simple yeasted bread makes a wonderful dish to enjoy with a hint of saffron and richness of other ingredients that are used. I adapted this recipe from Priya Sri, and almost followed it to […]

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Bale Hannina Chapathi | How to make Karnataka Banana Rotti

Bale Hannina Chapathi

Bale Hannina Chapathi is a Karnataka Rotti made with ripe Banana. Its served as a breakfast or an evening snack along with balehannina rasayana or mango seekarane during mango season. If you talk about the side dish that’s normally served with this flatbread, its Balehannina rasayana which is ripe banana mashed and mixed with milk […]

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Bread Pudding ~ Pondicherry’s Baguettes in Coconut Milk Basundi

Pondicherry Bread Pudding

Pondicherry Bread Pudding or Pondicherry’s Baguettes in Coconut Milk Basundi is a delicious Indo French Dessert popular in the Pondicherry that may not feature in other places. In fact, it was by luck I came across this dish. The inspiration for this cuisine struck me when Priya Suresh did this theme with Indo French Cuisine. […]

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Yendu Kobbari Rava Laddu ~ Dry Coconut Rava Ladoo

Yendu Kobbari Rava Laddu

Dry Coconut Rava Ladoo or Yendu Kobbari Rava Laddu, made with dry coconut and rava, is popular Indian sweet prepared during festivals like Deepavali. We mostly make this Rava Laddo with fresh coconut, this time we used Dry Coconut or Copra. Rava Laddo is one of our favorite sweets and also the easiest that you […]

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Eggless Mawa Cake | How to make Mawa Cake

Eggless Mawa Cake is the next one on my list of Tea Cakes for Bake-a-thon. I know I am so behind my schedule. Varadha ensured things to go wayward! It was totally unexpected to create so much havoc. We are just coming back to some normalcy. As expected I am baking just the previous day […]

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Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding ~ Indian Sweet!

Kesar di Kheer

Today’s recipe is a sweet treat that I made many days ago. Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding. Kheer is a traditional sweet dish, made by boiling rice or broken wheat with milk and sugar. It is flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, saffron, pistachios or almonds. It is typically served during a meal or also […]

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Wheat Adai Payasam ~ A Sweet to Celebrate!

Well it happened finally! I was eagerly waiting for the article to release since the time I was contacted. This happened sometime after the Dosa Mela. Joanne contacted me to ask if I would like to feature my recipe in The Indian American Magazine, I was elated! She wrote back last week saying her article […]

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