Diwali Mixture | How to make Kara Boondi Mixture

Diwali Mixture

Diwali Mixture or this Kara Boondi is a wonderful savory you can make this festival season and enjoy. This is very much similar to the South Indian Mixture we make, only this is made slightly different and with lesser components added. Amma has a standard list of dishes that she makes for each Diwali and […]

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Murukulu ~ South Indian Chakli For Diwali


Murukulu or the south indian Chakli is a traditional indian deep fried snack made for Diwali, using a mix of different lentils. This Murukulu like the other Murukku or Jantikalu, makes a delicious snack for this festival season, to share and enjoy with family and friends. Amma always starts the Deepavali Savory preparation a week […]

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Mullu Murukku ~ Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Murukkus are a must for Krishna Jayanthi. This is one of the traditions that Amma has always followed. Of course these traditions have set in place after they settled in Tamil Nadu. I have no clue on how this is celebrated in Andhra, as I have never been to my grandparents place during this pooja, […]

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Thenkuzhal Muruku | Thenkuzhal Recipe | Deepavali Snacks

Thenkuzhal is one of my favorite Muruku varities. This Diwali we wanted to make Thenkuzhal along with few other muruku varieties. Sweets will follow tomorrow. I always enjoyed eating this Thenkuzhal and was surprised to find that the proportion that Amma normally uses is almost the same except of course you add some and minus […]

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Mixed Dal Muruku ~ Deepavali Savories!

I know you must be wondering why I am still talking about Deepavali? Well naturally after making few new snacks, I can’t resist not talking about them right. Especially when they are my favorite snacks. I am sure Murukus are favorites for most. I was particular that I learn couple of snacks this time. So […]

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