Cauliflower 65!

“Beware before you step inside”, is the board we wanted to put up on our door outside. We have destructive little ones inside. The scene will resemble like an aftermath of a storm struck place. Things all shoved all over, with chairs lying down. You want to sit. Nay, kindly remain standing if you have […]

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Spicy Andhra Paneer!

This is fusion cooking at its best! Paneer or Indian cottage Cheese, is my most favorite food item, ditto for my daughter too. Since I was introduced to Paneer during my colleague days, there has been no looking back. Those were the days, we frequented lot of restaurants. I have already spoke in large on […]

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X – Chicken Fry

X Chicken Fry

X Chicken Fry is a delicious dry roast that works as a wonderful starter for your parties. This easy to make chicken fry can be done with easily available pantry ingredients. When I was thinking about reworking on the pictures, I wanted to make sure we make those dishes that are absolutely our family’s favorite. […]

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Cut Mirchi | Andhra Cut Mirchi Bajji

Cut Mirchi

Cut Mirchi is a fritter made with green chilies deep fried in gram flour batter. In this version, the bajjis are cut into smaller pieces and fried again to reduce the heat. This is one of the popular street food in Anantapur, Andhra, where you can get the Mirchi Bajji, Cut Mirchi sold on the […]

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Mirapakaya Bajji – Chilli Bajji

Mirapakaya Bajji or Chilli Bajji or Mirchi Bajji as it can be called is a pakora made with regular green chillies in a besan batter. This is very much like the Onion Pakodas or Plantain Bajjis you make. As I had mentioned in a post before, as a South Indian, I am little fussy about […]

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