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Change is the only content thing in this world they say! Yes, we accept change and move forward. Yet it makes us feel so good, taking a moment in our present and think back on how it was last year. We may not remember what exactly happened a few years ago, however writing about them, recording what you felt and what made you do something, surely makes you feel good when you read it again many years later.

In that way, I have kept up the tradition of having this Best of the Year event every year. As you complete another year, you really wonder what happened to all those bloggers who used to drop in and read what you write. These days there is hardly any interaction happening. Though I can say I don’t any longer do the blog hopping as regularly as I used to do, it has come down to reading my BM group.

So when I announce an event such as this, it’s a pleasure reading about others who are always consistent in sending in their recap of the year that went by.

This year Graziana was quite ahead to send in her recap and she always makes sure she does this post. She makes sure she includes what’s been her posts that she likes and shares with us. Do check her out.

Then there was Rajani, who once said she never really thought she might continue blogging because she thought this wouldn’t last for long. She is going to complete three years soon and I am sure she knew this is something she can never leave or that we would let her be away from her wonderful space. When we did the ABC Series, she challenged herself to do Onam Sadya and what a beautiful series it was. You must check that out if you haven’t already!

This is another person who does magic with her pictures! You are left wanting for more and trying to grab from the screen. Pavani makes the picture comes alive and the posts that she does makes you go gaga over them. She was another BM Member who challenged herself to create 27 regional dishes from Andhra. Some of them were so stunning and new and I have bookmarked so many from her list.

Finally, we have PJ. I am sure you all know PJ. She is one blogger who writes the Best of the Year from the first month itself. Can you think of a better commitment than this? And the amount of research and writing she does, makes you go wow. She has such amazing list of dishes done, each year looks unbelievable than the previous.

There were other few who wanted to be part of this but couldn’t write one. One another post that was a recap of 2013 that I personally liked so much was from Ganga, though she didn’t send her entry, I took the liberty to mention her post. It was almost like what was going on in my mind. I know Ganga said it better.

And then I have something to share as well!
Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for the recap Valli. One stop shop for lovely best of 2013 posts. Loved reading through all of them especially Ganga's. Wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy new year.

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