Announcing Cooking from Cookbook Challenge

There is nothing like a challenge that can motivate me more. I have so many cookbook, paper clippings, written recipes and much more. Early this year I had decided that I should cook more from my collection, so finally here is the chance that I can let me do as well as have a group of friends doing it with me.So this idea sprouted as Cooking from Cookbook Challenge.

The source can be a cookbook, paper clipping, cookery show, written records or anything that you have with you. Recipes from other blogs/websites are not allowed as of now. This is subject to change later on.

If your recipe is from a cookbook, please make sure you write in your own words and do not reproduce verbatim and give proper attributes. This event will not be held responsible for any copyright issues that may arise from your reproduction.

You need not cook exactly as per the recipe, you can adapt to your needs. If the source is from a filed collection, you can mention that as your source.

Cooking from Cookbook Challenge will be a monthly event, where you will have to select atleast 2 weeks and can do all 4 weeks.

The posting days can be Friday, Saturday or Sunday each week.

For the next two months, the challenge is just going to be your offline source. Meaning there are no categories to select

From December, this challenge will have themes. Each month I will select 6 different themes, you have the option to select any 4 from them. There is no restriction on cuisine or country.

Sign up will be for a month. Meaning if you sign up for Oct, and don’t sign up for November, your membership will be cancelled. If you want to do Dec, you will have to sign up again.

Announcement will be made on 15th of every month. It will be open until 25th of each month.

Interactions among the members will be through google group created for this event.

Once the signup closes, I will be creating the details of the members participating and each of you will have to display the code that lists this page.

Basic requirement needed for participation:

Final prepared picture, along with recipe is mandatory.
Should display the code that will be sent across.
Should display the CCC Logo in their blog.
Though usage of logo in all posts is not mandatory, it can help spread the news.

As with any community, supporting other bloggers is always appreciated, so please make sure you visit and read the participating bloggers.

Accepting signups to this event is left to the moderator’s choice.
If bloggers discontinues two consecutive months, they will not be accepted in future editions.

If you are planning to join us, please send an email to by 3rd Oct.

Let’s have fun!

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