Microwave Eggless Biscuit Brownie Recipe – Step by Step

I know I am very late for making up for my own event, the Microwave Easy Cooking Event. So thought I might do some quick dessert as that’s one dish that can disappear before I can even take a proper pictures of them and I need not worry about calories for myself!
I managed to find time for this quick and simple Brownie that’s made with Marie Biscuits. All this required was about 5 mins of preparation and about 5 mins of microwave baking. Since I was baking after a long time, the kids were delighted. And if you can imagine the entire brownie disappeared after flat 10 mins, you can understand how much they loved this brownie.
This month’s edition is hosted by Pradnya.
Also sending to Smitha, who is hosting my Kid’s Delight Event, themed on What Kids Love…For Summer!
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Microwave 5 min Brownie

 Step by Step Recipe

Eggless Microwave Biscuit Brownie | 5 Min Biscuit Brownie

Makes : 20 small pieces

Ingredients Needed:

Marie Biscuits – 10
Condensed Milk – 3 tbsp
Icing Sugar – 3 tsp
Baking Chocolate – 50 – 60 gms
Milk – 1/2 cup
Almond Cashew powder – 2 tsp

How to make the Brownie

Roughly chop the baking chocolates and melt in microwave for 1 -2 mins in a microwave bowl, depending on how hard they are. I had mine melted at 2 mins. But take care not to char them.

Run the Marie Biscuits in a mixie and powder it fine.

To the melted chocolate, add the powdered biscuits. Mix well.

Then add the condensed milk, combine and follow it by the icing sugar.

Next add milk slowly, making sure you combine everything without any lumps.

The amount of milk depends on the thickness of the batter. We want free flowing batter.

Finally add the almond cashew powder and combine.

Grease a microwave bowl, pour into the bowl and microwave for 4 mins.

Mine was done by 4 mins. Allow it to stand for a minute and turn to a plate.

Microwave 5 Min Biscuit Brownie

I used a tupperware microwave bowl. And since I didn’t have a square bowl, had to make do with a circle one. I know we have such preconceived thought for a brownie to be always square bars!

Enjoy your quick treat.


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Microwave Eggless Biscuit Brownie Recipe - Step by Step
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Course Desserts
By Cook Method Microwave
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  1. I am surprised to see such an easy recipe for a brownie fudge. Perfect when there are kids at home who cant wait to bite into something chocolately. I have bookmarked this recipe.

    Thanks so much for writing about my Baby Food eBook. Its really nice of you to help me promote the book.

  2. Thank you everybody!

    Pradnya The idea came from a a paper clipping I have, where marie biscuits were used. Other ingredients were with what I had on hand..:)

    Roma Glad you liked it, my kids loved it, so you could try this for your kids.

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