Ugadi Greetings with Ugadi Festival Brunch 2012!

Ugadi Subhakankshalu!  Happy Ugadi to all my readers!
I have taken the day off today and finished my pooja by morning. Made the usual neivedyam along with couple of new sweet offerings. It was a brunch for us and planning to visit parents home for the traditional Ugadi feast.

Ugadi Special Recipes

Ugadi Pachadi
Brinjal Potato Curry,
Nei Appam with curds to complete the mini meals!

Enjoy your festival day!

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  1. What a coincidence. I did go to Anjana's blog from the link on your site! I was slightly confused by the comment you left on my post. I was looking for another blog and I chanced upon the site. Delightful posts.

    And Happy Ugadi to you and your family.

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