Announcing Snacks Mela

As usual before I could do the round up of the previous Soups and Salads mela, I decided to announce the next one, so that everybody can participate in the event and the event gets more time.

For this edition I thought after Soups and Salads, a dose of Snacks would be simply great.

Snack is referred as a light informal meal, that one can have between meals. In other words it can be anything that is eaten in between meals, can be light if you prefer or heavy depending to whom you are serving!

I was hoping to make this announcement earlier but days somehow have a knack of passing off quickly. For the Blogging Marathon#10 this month, I wanted my friends to dish out guilt free snacks. After all I need to balance out all types. But in general it can be anything that you call as a snack.

So from now till December 31st 2011, post any dish that can be classified as Snacks on your blog. It can be sweet or savory. The dish can be of any cuisine, both Veg and Non Veg accepted.

Link back to this announcement and send me your entries to

Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.

I will try to leave a comment within couple of days, or at least before the round up..:)

Multiple entries are accepted, in fact would be glad to get all different dishes that you have already posted. But please update the post with this announcement post link. This is the least I can expect, but do not link all your archive posts in one post.

The email can be in this format

Subject: Snacks Mela
Post URL
Recipe Name
Picture of your dish.

Last date to send link in your entries will be December 31st 2011.

I hope you will enjoy participating in this event and make it a success.

Those of you who have already sent me the entries, I will upload myself.

Please use the Link Tool to link your entries!

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  1. Got a chance to visit ur space. Good job Srivalli. Also participated in ur event and just want to confirm, whether i can post Adai, Panaiyaram and Pesarattu as we use to have it as Snacks 😛

  2. Hi srivalli..I am a regular follower of your blog have a superb blog..
    I submitted 2 entries for your lovely event-spicy jingle balls and stuffed semolina triangles.sorry semolina triangles got posted twice ,but the thumb nail pic is not showing in the entry,please check and delete the entry number-89

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