Guessing Game!

Well I know it’s been ages since I had anything interesting to play this guessing game. I remember most of us doing it in the initial period of blogging. Guessing games are really fun as it makes you think had. But with natural ingredients, it is quite easy. 
Still I remember few bloggers who had natural ingredient yet it used to be so tough to guess them.
What I got to offer as a mystery is a cooked product. You got to guess what the main ingredient is. It is a sweet dish, well a halwa. I can see many of you saying not again! Yes I seem to have quite a few Halwa Recipes on the blog. But believe this halwa is not my creation. I would never have thought of getting this to the blog. 
But can you believe hubby dear actually asked for it couple of times, you can be sure it was excellent. Moreover I took the box to my office and nobody was able to guess the ingredient. But vouched it was really fantastic.

It is a halwa made with one unexpected part of the fruit. The fruit is very commonly available. But the main ingredient in this halwa is never used. Yet it turned out to be so delicious.

Now out with your answers!

Will post the answer and recipe tomorrow!

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  1. Ok! I know this is the worst possible guess – Banana peel! Please don't curse me if I'm wrong 😀 Hehe…that is the most unusual thing I could guess..Can't wait to see what this actually is!!!! Whatever it is, looks delicious!

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