Tried & Tasted Event Round up ~ My Diverse Kitchen

When I choose Aparna’s My Diverse Kitchen for Tried & Tasted, all I thought were those beautiful pictures she puts up for each dish of hers. Seriously I never looked beyond those pictures as they were very tempting on themselves. I will drool drool, thinking I should get back checking on the recipe soon to make. But that time never came.
So I grabbed the first chance I got and wanted to try from her diverse collection of recipes. Can you actually believe excepting couple of them, all entries were different! And needless to say her baked list topped the chart!
Not only was I happy knowing I was right in selecting her blog, from far and wide everybody conveyed they were happy trying from her blog. Wow, I was sure so elated over that.
I would like to thank Lakshmi for this wonderful opportunity, and Zlamushka for having thought of this lovely event to celebrate the oneness of being in a community!
More than anything else, I would like to thank Aparna for having created such an excellent space for so many people to learn and admire. Your work is truly commendable, and the feeling that many expressed while writing about each one they tried can only be felt by reading each of them again. I strongly recommend each entry to be read in leisure, for each one share a story, of joy that comes from cooking to please their dear ones.
Before I get on with other entries, I want to mention one special person who made this round up very special. I feel very happy saying not only is she a wonderful blogger, a lovely person whom I had the fortune to meet and know more personally. It was a pleasure knowing her family too. More than anything else I envy their gardener and driver who get to partake all the yummy food she dishes out..:) And she is a god sent in helping me for ICC. Almost every other month I turn to her for trying out a recipe before I announce for the members. So Lataji, thank you very much for being the person you are!
She completely floored not only me, but Aparna too by trying not one, but 12 dishes and dedicating a day for cooking from breakfast to dinner all from Aparna’s blog! 

For evening tea, a delicious looking Vanilla yo yo Biscuits. Followed by a dinner of Laadi Pav with Bhaji

With these not enough she takes on a tour from goa to ghana to try some lipsmacking Pear and Raisin Chutney & Spicy Tomato Jam

Finally with a sweet note Lataji ends this by making Parippu Pradhaman from Aparna! Phew!


Aparna Mallya had many reasons not to miss trying something from Aparna’s MDK. Not only they share a name, she gets many tips and tricks on baking from Aparna. Though she had many in mind, she finally settled to bake this beautiful Whole Wheat Garlic Rosemary Crescent
When Danny saw the beautiful Baked Namakpare at Aparna, she was all for it. And she got the perfect amount just for her and her husband.
Another baking lover I know personally is of course Divya Kudua, she sends not one, but three
Which by the way caught another fancy, this time Jayasri who makes Onion and Paneer Calzone from Aparna’s
I loved what Jayasri had to say, “Another day another recipe from her kitchen to mine”, wow that is really inspiring to read that her kids simply loved the dishes she made from Aparna, including this
Usha Nandini says she has three reasons to love this Eggless Condensed Milk Cake after trying from Aparna, I am sure when you read you will say the same too!
Then we have Priya Srinivasan rushing in excited that she finally made it to the round by maing a Eggless Chocolate Chips and Banana Squares from Aparna’s Eggless Chocolate Chips and Banana Squares
Another blogger to whom I am eternally thankful is Priya Suresh. The energy this lady has is unbelivable! She sends in a Anza Biscuits, a No knead Bread, finally a Potato Focaccia from Aparna’s Anza Biscuits , No knead yeasted Banana Cardamom Bread & Potato Focaccia Pugliese

Browsing through Aparna’s site, motivates Sangeetha to bake something right away. So it is no wonder she ended up baking this simple yet rich mava cake!
Satya has bookmarked many wonderful recipes from Aparna. So this event gave her the perfect chance to try some. This Jumbo Pistachio Cookies were just too awesome! and those tempting Laadi pav to name some!
I had fun reading what Suma says about “see now and try next moment”, that is – to be precise before her lil one gets back home! So she was excited trying from Aparna whose blog Suma simply loves..So these Confetti Cupcakes are perfect example of how sweet things turn out!
Then we have a simple Baked Apple chips from Swapna who got hooked to it seeing it on Aparna’s place!
It was heart rendering reading how things change for each of us over years. And Sweatha so sweetly mentions each of them who had motivated her in the path of baking and what not! I am sure if she had time, she would have sent many more. On the whole I immensely enjoyed reading through her Shortbread Squares, those Hearty Banoffee Cupcakes and finally beautiful ButterFlaps And Aparna’s each of them make you drool too! Check out her Banoffee Cupcakes, Coffee Chocolate Shortbread Squares and finally her beautiful ButterFlaps. I was so hooked to this that I even went back to the original post and read Cynthia’s story!


Then we have to wonderful dips one from Jayasri a Marinara Sauce that she made along with the Calzone.

Then PJ sends in the Kothamalli Podi that she tried from Aparna . Checking her site, PJ was stumped in deciding which one to make, But as she was in a hurry she had to settle to this south indian special!
Clap Clap Clap guys for we have a first timer! Not only is this blogger passionate about blogs, she fantasises about reading them! My, this is a serious sign of evolving as an addited blogger. Well I don’t have to talk about dianogsis to this Doc. But she sure is hilarious in writing how she assumed her last TEN days were enough to make exortic dishes from Aparna, finally on the last minute forced to make a Ribboned Finger Sandwiches! Which also proved to be rough and tough for her, but she managed it beautifully! Char, wish you will participate in many more events..:))
For Divya Kudua it was a case of memories flooding at her when she saw this Pesarattu and knew she had to recreate it at home. Her picture perfect is a proof she enjoyed it all the way!
Mujadara, what? Well thats exactly what I asked when I checked in Jay’s entry and agreed it sounded very exotic

Then we have Jayasri making another Fusilli With Roasted Red Pepper And Tomato Sauce from Aparna, I am sure her kids enjoyed this one pot meal!
Another wholesome meal comes from Pavani who makes these delicious Misi Roti
Finally comes a Curried Pasta from Priya Mitharwal. She was only sad she couldn’t attempt at all the other bookmarked recipes from a diverse kitchen!
Finally some specials from Aparna’s South Indian spread!

Bhagyashri sums everything so neatly when she talks about the diversity she found in Aparna’s blog. She feels that Aparna ensured she made sure the blog name lived upto expectation by dishing out such a variety! The Parippu Vadai she tried from Aparna, sure goes a long way to the traditional palakkad iyer recipe!

Then comes a Erisseri from Usha Nandini, who says she loves visiting Aparna.

I was ROFL when I read Nive’s statement that she has bookmarked the entire blog itself for baking! What a fantastic feedback. Nive saw fasinating and inspiring ideas for baking but she is still taking baby steps in that arena. So for now she settles down for a Spicy Baby Potatoes with Sesame, then ended up making a Chickpea and Cabbage dry Sabji from Aparna knowing she never tried a cabbage with chickpea!

Then finally I tried Beans Mulagootal with Parippu Thogayal from Aparna, I even wanted to capture the Beans Mulagootal in that exact angle, but it wasn’t as near pretty as the original. Now when the taste was great, why should I worry about my picture!

I remembered the time when Aparna posted this Cabbage Payasam, so I wasn’t surprised when Shobana says she was literally off the chair reading it! Being an ardent fan of this blog, she knew she had to send in at least one! Well I would have been happy in getting many too..:) But yeah she said no unsuspecting person would ever guess what it is made from, for the delicious taste it rendered!

Now this was one dish I surely wanted to make for a long time, I am sure I will make one of these days. But I was so glad that it made it to the roundup! Vidhya Arvind made these Neiyappam for tiffin and enjoyed.


Not only was Jayasri in a hurry to cook so many from Aparna’s, I was in a hurry that I completely failed to check out the entries again. So sorry Jayasri, how can I not accept your entries when you took so much efforts!
Seeing that Aparna has a lovely pickle and a korma made with Green Tomato, Jayasri had to make them. And it becomes easy as she has her own garden. How lovely!
The Green Tomato Pickle and Green Tomato Khorma looks so delicious, I am sure these are hard to miss! She made a pickle, and when she found some excess, she had to make that kurma too!
Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes that she adapted from Aparna, talks of a cake that can stop traffic. Read on the story to know what it means!
Thank you Jayasri for taking time even in your busy schedule to cook so many wonderful dishes from your favorite blogger..:)..means a lot!
I had absolutely great time reading through all the entries and again reading through Aparna’s. Thank you everybody for sending across such lovely dishes. Now I am seriously planning to bake those bookmarked ones for sure. If I have missed out any entry, please accept my apologies and let me know. I will update it right away!
Want to know about the next edition? Well Ria is hot on a Sindhi Rasoi, yep my dear friend Alka takes the hot seat, I am sure everybody is going to enjoy a Sindhi feast at home!

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  1. Wowww Wat an excellent roundup, its really a great pleasure to read ur roundup always Valli..thanks a ton for ur nice words regarding me:) am touched and honoured.

  2. Your post popped up saying that you posted 16 seconds ago…..but took time to go through…I am totally amazed! Thank you for such nice words Valli.
    As far as the round up it is no wonder you have been spoilt for choices…Aparna is such a versatile cook that I often think how apt the name for her blog has been chosen by her daughter:)
    Loved this as much as I enjoyed touring MDK!

  3. Srivalii,I agree with u and all the other bloggers,Aparna sure has a wonderful space!!!Excellent roundup Srivalli and loved the way you have written about each dish/participant 🙂

  4. I know I've been saying it, but thanks again, for featuring my blog.
    I'm quite amazed at all the cooking and baking that has been going on and quite humbled too.

    Thanks to all who took part in this edition of T&T. I really appreciate the feedback on my recipes and feel happy that my blog is read by so many.
    I shall definitely visit each post.

  5. Love the round up and the way you added a personal touch to it. I surely had few more dishes to post but time was running out.I also thght 30th was the last date when suddenly (just in the nick of time ) I checkd the announcement and thus only 3 from me.

  6. Wonderful Roundup Valli!!!! I even Tried Aparna's Easy Chocolate Cake with Choco Frosting!!! But didnt have time to post it!!! Lazy Girl!!! But anyways it was a good exp. peeping into archana's space and trying her lipsmacking yummies!!!!

  7. Hi valli, thanks for a lovely T & T, and a great round – up, I loved the most was your comment on each blogger!, you made my day. just one thing, I sent you two more entries, I remember that I sent to a mail, sorry loud thinking, because, I have always missed so many events as not sending a mail to them, It really doesn't matter, as I really enjoyed trying out new recipes. thanks for everything, I always feel that it's just not Lataji but you have a wonderful person in my blogging world.

  8. great roundup Srivalli, Eventhough I could not participate in this months T&T featuring one of my favorite blogger, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your round up and what other bloggers tried. Good job.

  9. Thank you everybody for your lovely words and feedback. It was a real pleasure working on this round up! I can quote that as a reason for delay too..:)

    Dr.Antony, thank you for de lurking and letting me know! I almost thought I was addressing only one set of audience! Its nice knowing you enjoyed this visual treat!..:)

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