The Mithai Mela Round up ~ Part 3!

Its surprising that so many things can happen in such a short span of time. Between the 2nd and the 3rd round up of this Mithai Mela, I have announced a new event. Its called the Indian Cooking Challenge and will be hosted in my Spice your life Blog.

Its sure going to spice my life no doubt. As if I don’t have enough, I had to think about this and even went and announced it. What was even amazing was the fact that everybody loved the concept. So I am really excited about the event. I am right now working on the list and the rules, lets see how it comes out. Plus the logo, yeah I want it something to be really defining the theme! So check out for the details that will be coming out soon.

Meanwhile, lets treat ourselves to another and final part of this wonderful Mithai Mela. Yes its been one great celebration with so many sweets coming my way. Thank you everybody for your contribution. I am really so touched!

Update: Plus I have been able to fix the annoying gap below each collage!..phew all a matter of extra space that it didn’t appear to me. I tell my engineers never to work after midnight, guess I should follow it myself!

Lets just jump straight into it. Believe me, its a sweet ride all along!

In the final part of the Mithai Mela, we have the Milk Sweets, Pancakes, Payasams and other wonderful sweets that I wasn’t able to tag!

First we have the Milk sweets making their way. If you are fond of pedas, jamuns paal kovas, then you will be drooling over these entries!

We have one beautiful looking Modak shaped Bhugga Khoya from the Sadhana & Muskaan

Then we have delicious Ras Malai coming from Archana, Seema and Kesar flavoured from Sireesha

Gulab Jamun always invoke childhood memories and seeing these entries from Malini Basu and one made with sweet potato from Padma Balla is great!
The queen of milk sweets parades in form of lovely Kalakand from Jayashree, or this one from Malar Gandhi. Last but not the least this so beautifully crafted Microwave Carrot Kalakand from Priya Suresh!

The most concentrated form of milk sweets are always the Pedas and they are so much loved. So it is a wonder that we have so many of these. First we have Malar Gandhi sending us Makkan Peda.

From Nate and Annie comes a great looking dessert, I was drooling for a while before I realized its not our palkova but Pavlova

If you want the ease of Mw, then Microwave Kaju Peda from Priya Suresh is a must to try!

Then we have Ramya Vijaykumar sending us two treats, one the Besan ka Peda and the other Doodh Peda.

Another version of Doodh Peda comes from Sapthanaa, you must be wondering why none of hers came up right!

But if you are looking for Silky smooth melt in your mouth pedas, then Ria has them right!

Finally we have a mango flavoured peda from Shweta!

These sugar soaked gulas in the name of Rasagula comes from Kavitha.

Malpoa are those tempting pancakes deep fried, you won’t find me saying no ok.

Then we N33ma sending us these Sweet Shakarapara which are always a delight!

Something very similar called the Gul Gul is sent by Padma Srinivasagam

Finally we have a Milk Delight coming from Pavithra elangovan, as the name says its one delightful picture!

Now comes the Pancakes in different forms. I know pancakes are simple and easy to make and most kids love!

First comes a healthy Adai from Anu.

Then we have an authentic Bobbatlu from Hema. These are a real treat for any occasion!

Pooris I have always loved and these sweet ones are a treasure from childhood. I was going gaga seeing these Paala Poori from Kavya Naimish. Nor these lovely Badam Puri from Saraswathi Iyer.

I am sure Baked Strawberry Pancakes from Priya Suresh tasted as great as they look!

Then comes a treat of the season Mango Pancakes from Sharmila, ah I can imagine how yummy this must’ve been!

And finally few polis and puris from me!


Payasams I tell you are something that can be done in a jiffy and yes those are there that takes real time. But whichever way you make, they simply taste out of the world. Lets check out some cool and lovely entries that came out way!

First comes a set of payasams made with fruits and dry fruits.

Sadana and Muskaan makes a Vegan payasam with Coconut, how nice!

Then we have a Special kheer coming from Chaitra Aathidhyam

A delicious Dates Kheer comes all the way from Kerala, simmering in the kitchen of Kailas!

Malar Gandhi sends in two types, Jackfruit Payasam & Nuts Kheer

Another Dates Kheer this time flavoured more with almonds comings from the lovely Mythreyee

Priya Suresh is never out of ideas, and her entries goes just to proves that! One with Apple, other with Coconut! They make such lovely treats!

Of course this lovely Carrot Almond Kheer from Vibaas is a treat to eyes!

Palada Pradaman is from Sapthanaa

This lovely rich Besan Kheer is from Sadhana & Muskaan, all topped with dry fruits and great to look.

We then feast our eyes on the lovely Moong Dhal Payasam sent by Cham!

Of course, you will stop by to check out this lovely Payatham paruppu payasam from Sanghi !

From Sapthanaa comes two different versions one a Moong Dhal Payasam and another a Rice Kheer with Kova.

Sabudana Kheer comes our way all the way from Niveditas kitchen!

along with this comes the Sabakki Payasa from Ujwala Mohan, it looks so creamy that its so inviting!

I never realized a simple semiya payasam could look so different. You will know once you check out them together. While Bird’s eye view brings in her version of Shaavige Payasa, we have Semai Payesh from Malini Basu.

Another version of Semiya Payasam comes from Padma, while Sanghi joins the club with her Semiya Payasam too.

On special occasions, we do make the payasam that’s called the Pal Payasam. And we have two bloggers sending them. One from Srilakshmi, the other from Vidya Venky.

We then have bloggers making us payasam with wheat, having tasted one, I know how delicious it is. First a Cracked Wheat and Fruit Kheer from Sadana and Muskaan, then a Kheer with broken wheat from Bhagyashri

Finally my own collection of payasams!

Last but not the least, we move to check on some other types sweet dishes that I couldn’t tag together. They make a lovely Other category!

Bird’s eye view send in her collection of sweet dishes, a Molten Baby cakes, a Chocolate Bomb and a Cake! She was worried that her creations didn’t turn to appear as she wanted, but who cares when it tasted awesome right!

Then we have Priya Suresh sending in two different fudge, one with almond and the other Carrot N Pistachio. But the highlight being these were done in microwave!

We then move on to check out some cool dishes made with Mangoes. Mango Pachadi seems to be a favorite dish among all these lovely ladies! Hemamalini, Kavitha’s friend Gayathri, Ramya Vijaykumar, Sanghi and Sanghi have ensured we will have enough to choose from!

Sapthanaa shows us not to bother buying this from shop when you have Home made condensed milk

Sadana and Muskaan sends in a Granola Cereal with magic seeds along with a Sweet Potato Curry to boot!

While Bird’s eye view enjoys a Banana Relish, we see Malar Gandhi enjoying a pongal made with Karumbu Chaar.

Baklava is a lovely dish that I got to know from these two lovely ladies Padma Srinivasagam and Sailaja.

Priya Narasimhan sends in a Akkaravadisal while Parita Shah makes a Shrikhand with Kesar Elaichi.

Then we have Sailaja making a Prunes with Cashew while Sanghi a Sevai with Ragi!

Next we have Sapthanaa making some rolls, Biscotti and some Biscuits!

Sweet Bondas comes from Shama Nagarajan, while Simran is bent on tempting me with her Coconut Chocolate Macaroons!

Finally we have The Cooker hissing around with over flowing Sudharas, which I never knew is this! what an idea sirji!

With this we come to the end of the Mithal Mela! Of course its not the end of eating. Do check out and try them to enjoy!

I hope I haven’t missed out any entry, but do accept my apologies and let me know! Will amend right away.

Looking forward to your participation for the Mango Mela and the Indian Cooking Challenge!

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  1. Sweets sweets and sweets everywhere.. You can done a wonderful job.. as i'm not good at making sweets.. i have bookmarked this page will try them soon

  2. Lovely round up Srivalli 🙂 … nice to see so many varieties of sweets… will look at this page whenever I want to make something different …

  3. Wow another awesome lot of sweets! You have done a great job organizing each into categories! Mithai Mela roundups will keep me busy for few days 🙂

  4. Wow wow wow! That post is enough to get all our taste buds into heavenly disorder! Liked the way you have mentioned them all, and of course your update! laughed as I could imagine you working till obsession point to get it format perfect…cheers Valli

  5. Wow…Am happy that I had participated in this mela 🙂 So many sweet recipes!!! Hats off to ur hard work in presenting them!! Sure will send my entries for the mango mela.. Wishing u success in that event too 🙂

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