The Mithai Mela Round up ~ Part 2!

Welcome to the second edition of this sweet gallery! Hope the weekend was good for everybody!. We had a good weekend too, I finally decided to take off on Saturday and caught up with my one weeks sleep. Though that was good, I again ended up being awake till late night. I am seriously becoming an owl! Sunday just flew as we drove down for a temple visit. Boys are much better now, though the cold and cough seem to be lingering. Hopefully they should get over it soon.

Back to business, getting this list proved another task. As during the process I found few cakes and bakes left out. So all those will be featured together. Sorry about it.

As part of today’s edition, first comes the delicious Halwas. Halwas are those delightful sweet that you can whip within minutes. Infact at one point of time, I had this ambition of making everything into a halwa. I have blogged about 20 different halwas. But seeing the entries that came my way, I knew I still have a long way to go. What a beautiful and delicious array of halwas, take my point and get ready for a feast!

First we have the lined up Badam halwa from Archana Gurunathan. The stack makes them look so demur, when they are not!

Next we have this sinful dessert that Bird’s eye view says she always had to make on any occasion that called for a celebration and its her version of Badam halwa

Not being happy with just one type, Bird’s eye view goes ahead experimenting with a halwa made with Black carrots.

Chaitra makes a halwa with broken wheat.

Mangoes are in season and what a better way to enjoy than this lovely halwa made by Kamala.

Then we have a Carrot Halwa from Gayathri who is a dear friend of Kavitha.

Get ready to be feasting on the different halwas that Kavya Naimish seems to have on her blog. Right from the Carrot Halwa, Sooji Halwa, she even goes two steps ahead by making halwas with Peanut & Potato. Now that I call as a true Halwa fan!

Lena Rashmin Raj next brings us a sample of halwa made with Pumpkin.

This breathtaking Mango Halwa is from Madhuram. She proved that she can not only dish out lovely egg less bakes, she can twist her hands at many others too.

Then we have another halwa lover among us. With the number of halwas Malar Gandhi has sent in, I am sure her folks are one lucky ppl! Please check out the post by clicking on the pictures!

Another version of Sooji Halwa parades to us from Malini Basu.

Lauki ka Halwa comes in a lovely bowl from Prathibha.

Priya Suresh sends in a lovely Cornflour Halwa, am sure it was more like a cake walk for her!

I think Carrot Halwa is every body’s favorite and Renuka shares the way her family loves. While we have Mandira showing us the way she loves carrot halwa. wow its too tempting not to love that picture!

Then we have two tempting halwas from Sanghi, one very healthy, infact both are. But if you want to go nuts over them, then this Nuts halwa is a must or you can settle for this dark beets in a halwa!

We have another Badam Halwa from Sapthanaa.

Dumroot halwa from Saraswathi,

only to get another Badam Halwa from Sree Vidhya.

Lets not to miss out this lovely Lauki Halwa from Usha

And finally my own collection of Halwas, individual ones can be clicked on the picture!

Then we move to other exciting Indian sweets, you want diamonds, swirls or noodles? You get them all!

Jalebi or noodles dipped in nectar? makes no difference to me! And seeing Arunas beautiful pictures makes me want to reach out!

Then we have Kajayam from Kavitha, those sweet balls!

Malar Gandhi sends us Baasandhi,

while we have a lovely Basundi from Meera!

Then from Malini Basu comes 3 great looking sweets, they not only look interesting, they have very nice sounding names! Lobongo Lotika, Misti Singara & Peragi, are them!

This Jangri comes from Sanghi.

Of course not to mention these lovely Shankarapali from Sapthanaa.

Finally few from me, all these mostly Andhra sweets!

Then we catch on some yummy sweet dishes prepared with jaggary.

When I saw this Hayagreeva from A&N, and I was drooling. They made it with channa dal, how tempting it looks!

The lovely lady from Palakad has two dishes to offer, one healthy laddo called theMaladoos and the other healthy Vella Payar. Thanks Jayasree!

We then have two different types of Kali. First one a Vella Kali coming from Kayal Arul.

Next is from Malar Gandhi which is Karuppu Ulundhu Kali

This one has always been a childhood sweet for me, and I was elated when Nirmala sent it along. Its the delicious Kamarkat, am sure you will love it too!

We then move on to check some lovely Arisha Pitha from Oriya food

which is Aresalu to the rest of us!. This Aresalu is from Padma Balla

Next authentic dish comes from Pooja of Sai Kitchen, which is so beautifully called as Jilledu Kayalu

All the way from Srilanka comes this Wattalappan from none other than our dear blogger Priya, who is marching towards breaking records!

Then we have Sanghi bringing us two delicious dishes, one Kadalai paruppu suliyan and the other Sweet kolukattai

Ok, I can pronounce this correctly, so you read out and check out Sapthanaas blog for knowing what a Seimbaal is all about!..:)

Sakkari pongal is a misnomer and is yummy more because of the jaggary! and Sree Vidya sends us a bowl of that!

Then finally few from me, you can click on the pictures!

Then we move on to get treated to sweets called as the Kesari! I am sure most of you know how important kesaris are to a girl. Its one of the simplest and easiest sweet you can make. And I am amazed there are so many varieties!

Mangoes I like to eat as such but as a kesari, I am seeing it for the first time. Hemamalini sure makes it look tempting!

Then comes one lovely looking bowl from Kavya Naimish, I was left admiring it for a while!

Then we have a kesari with Beets from Lena Rashmin Raj

Though I have had aval in many forms, never as a kesari as Priya Suresh has.

I think Sanghi loves kesari and wants us to get tempted too. For she has 3 to offer and each one as pretty as the other!

Then we have the cooker dishing up a new kesari called the Dalia Oats Sheera!

Ok we have the innovative Uma bring a kesari with carrots! I almost thought she would make it with apple..:)

Finally from me 3 different kesaris pick your favorite!

We now move on to check out some great missiles that might land on your self. But of course they are sweet and very tempting!

First we have Bhawna Gupta coming with a Pethe ke ladoo, which are beautifully lined up!

Next entry from Kalyani, comes with engery packed with Dry fruits and nuts, am sure you will go nuts over it.

Then we have the Boondhi from Malar Gandhi

I was drooling over the two lovely laddoos that Malini Basu sent. I always thought its tough to get your laddos to look so pro as shown in the picture!

Next comes Undurallu from Ramya Vijaykumar

Sanghi send in two sweet bombs!

Then we have Srilakshmi sending in two lovely laddoos, one the ever famous Rava laddoo and the other a coconut!

Finally from me, you can check out from the pictures!


Thats all for today folks! Until the final part enjoy these sweet treats..

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  1. He, he he! you thought I would send something with apple? I already posted apple halwa before ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a great round up Srivalli! Well organized ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for looking at the photos Sri. We had a good time at the ceremony, so proud of her.

    Yeah, wherever you are in the World, you are the happiest when you come home where your kids are, feels great to come home and sleep in your bed no matter how much we enjoyed the trip or touring! :))

    Trisha was in her college yesterday, spent 2 days there to learn about college life etc. In August,we leave her there.

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