Maida Halwa ~ Another exciting Halwa in Making!

You would think I have a big line of testers waiting to eat off my line of Halwas? Well you can’t get any more wrong that! The Doodhi halwa was promptly stored in fridge to be served hot when hubby dear, sadly nodded ok. When I heated it up, I couldn’t resist a small piece, well it was extremely tasty. But not good when you are calorie conscious! Athamma was asking if I was done with all my Halwa posts, I said I still have few more posts to go. She said if I wasn’t so keen on Halwas, she had soaked rice for making Jhangiri. I told her that I had already posted it a year back. She was surprised, but reluctantly agreed not to make them. When Hubby dear overheard that I still have few more to go, he strongly refused to be the tester, as his hours of spending off those calories are taking toll on him. Well I was sure he didn’t have a problem with the Chocolate Halwa, as Konda promptly finished off half!

So all this discussion made me decide that I may try just one or two more of the Halwas. I could convince my twins to eat, but they are so unpredictable. Sometimes they like, some they wont even touch. By the way, when I was playing with Peddu, this morning, I asked him to tell me a story. He came close to my ear, with his hands folded as if he was going to whisper in my ears. But he said loud enough to be heard next door, “Chinna Chinna Paappa”. Now I don’t know what story it is, but he was highly impressed with himself. And very happy too. So we had to clap!

This version of Halwa, tastes very much like the Wheat Halwa. And involves the same amount of stirring but less work when compared with Godumai Halwa.

I am sure these simple veggie sandwiches would serve good too!

Ingredients Needed:

Maida – 50 gms
Sugar – 100 gms
Ghee – 2 – 3 tsp
Cashew nuts – 10 whole
Kesari powder – 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Dissolve sugar in water and cook till you get a one thread consistency of sugar syrup.

Make a thin batter of maida/ all purpose flour, mix kersari powder in water.

Roast the nuts in ghee and keep it aside.

Once the sugar syrup is ready, slowly pour the maida batter into the sugar syrup and keep stirring well. When it starts leaving the sides, add the ghee. Mix well.

Have a plate greased with ghee ready. You will its ready when it starts leaving the sides.

Spread it over the plate.

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Maida Halwa ~ Another exciting Halwa in Making!
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Votes: 3
Rating: 2.67
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  1. Mouthwatering halwa, color is soooooooo beautiful. I heard first time abt this halwa. But really looking as if I shud try once. Srivalli, I bookmarked your page for halwa series.

    DK for her powders. great running in this event.

  2. Nice halwa,though I am not a sweet person,I have to agree that the choc halwa is amazin and my pic,and the veggie halwas are healthy.As for testers,here also the same case.

  3. I love this halwa. Pity I am not there, i would be delighted to be your taster.
    Here Hans and Shyama are not big fans of halwas, so i am too afraid to make them as i know i will eat all of them.

  4. So many halwas confused as to which one to try out first..;-)But yeah,the calorie part scares me a bit..;-)I love the texture of the halwa and amazing presentation!!

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