The Roti Mela Mega Round up ~ Part 3!

We come to the final part of the Round up. If you are still here reading this post, then thank you for your patience. I seem to have ended up making a big post of this round up! Next time I promise, I will make a short and sweet post and not make people wait like this!

Update: There are now 269 entries!!

Roti Mela Part 1

Roti Mela Part 2

Lets get on with the Specialty rotis that are made in different parts of India!

First on list is the Fusion creation!

Aartee comes in with two fusion dishes. First one is Chili Parotta..yey yey I know this should go under parotta! But seeing the name, I thought this is the Chinese version with soy sauce! But she has made it our way, the spicy way. And her picture is so vibrant that you get excited to have it right away!

Next comes the Fajita. Fajita is a generic term used in Mexican Cuisine, referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla. I find this resembling out roti so much!

Arul then comes to the mela with a flavour of Mexican Enchiladas. Now who says we Indian won’t love this! And what to way to enjoy these!

Bhags first made these and then said this will not suit my theme. Guess she is wrong! I simply loved reading about Matzoh and how its prepare. Aren’t we Indians known to adapt and adopt many cultures and cuisine and end up making those ours.

Madhavi comes in with two dishes. First she makes a marriage of two cuisines by combining Indian with Italian! She makes Indian paratha stuffed with Italian flavour! Now this is what I call globalization!

Then for a change, she tries out an indo Chinese style and just loves it. So the dish is called Paneer Chilli paratha. And since they are in small size, they are also Mini!

Radhika could make an paratha lover more happy by dishing out this innovative paratha in Chinese style. She says this is the best way to make use of left over veggies! Gosh her picture makes me hungry all over again!

Smita finds herself feeling very ambitious, it being a Friday evening! Well what do you think is the reason could be when she is a foodie! One thing led to another and she planned for a full meal with Matzo. Thus came into being the Indian Matzo!

Uma dishes out some innovative rotis using leftover pasta. Well her picture speaks volume! So the next time you find you have some left overs, you know what to do!

Missy Roti??..Nay these can be made by all ~ Missi Roti

JZ wants to try her hand at different Indian breads. And browsing through a book, she comes across this simple missi roti and gets hooked to them! They can make a good change for the regular chapatis!

Karuna comes out with a Paushtik roti. Wondering what it means, well its simply means healthy. And she attempts to make a healthy Missi roti.

Neha makes yet another Missi Roti and enjoys it with Pickle onions and papad. Well that makes one full meal on itself!

The want to explore different Indian cuisines, leads Sangeetha trying out this yummy Missi Roti. Well one wonders at the vastness of our culture and food habits. It gets more when we actually prepare something from different part and make it ours.

I had always wanted to try my hand at this Missi Roti. Finally RCI gave me the perfect time for enjoying these yummy rotis. Yes it may sound difficult but once you get the hang of it, they are quite easy not to mention very tasty!

Other Specialty Rotis

From the Sindhi Rasoi, comes a specialty! This time its Koki! Alka brings back memories and wonders of this simple flatbread that is made by the Sindhis. Wow what a bread it looks!..Thanks Alka for your Sindi recipes!

Ani Sheetu makes a savoury pancakes with wheat and gram flour! And when you add some spices you get up a spicy pancake. Thank you Ani!

Arundati sends in two dishes. First, well for a time to lazy around, what else can be best. Like the case when you even feel lazy to cut the rotis and eat with dal! Well kidding, Arundati makes this specialty dish of Rajasthan and I had hard time deciding which picture to take!

Then she sent a mail saying she tried and tried her best but the clock wouldn’t stand still for her! It struck 12 before she could click the send button in her mail box! I tell you, this lady is just too sweet! And crazy too if she thought I won’t take in her beautiful looking Besan Roti!

Asha makes a Dosti Roti, as she was wondering what new to make for the Mela. She has a small mega mela going at her place with so many rotis already posted. I am glad she came out with something new!

Bharti comes out with a Sindhi specialty called Seyel Maani, which is a phulka cooked in a green cilantro chutney sauce! I am sure it makes a great breakfast dish!

Ok HC knows Asha has lots in store for her to try. Since she mostly makes regular chapathis, she wanted to make something different for the mela. I am very glad. She tried out Asha’s Bengali paratha and enjoyed the maximum.

The jungalbandits from the Jungalbandi comes with another looker and show catcher! This time its a paratha made with sourdough and stuffed with my favorites, the paneer and the mint! Most times they give you a botany class, besides many things!

Until Nidhi blogged about it, I never knew there was something called Paronthi. She has an interesting twist on its relationship with Paratha. And to make things more interesting, she fills with Peethi. Now this is a dal filling! All together one lovely dish!

Priya adds another flovour to the makki ki atta and turns them into Mooli stuffed ones. I am sure the addition has done a great thing to the makki ki roti. with the mooli stuffed, you don’t really need to look for another dish to go with! And priya’s picture adds more to your imagination!

Next three dishes comes from Priyanka. The urge for a Dhaba kana, makes Priyanka makes these at home! She says it had her craving for more! Should we ask more, when those pictures are sure enough!

On a drop dead hectic day, Priyanka gets busy with a hectic menu which included Khasta Roti among other wonderful dishes! I really wonder how much energy this lady has for dishing out this menu after such a tiring day!

Priyanka makes sattu ka parantha, which is actually made with gram flour. And on top she adds more spices to make it exciting. Very interesting!

Priya comes out with โ€œTikkarโ€! Well its been a time for learning for some, and its the same with Priya, trying to explain a roti to a friend, she calls Flatbread! Well that’s exactly why I called this event so!

For RCI, Raaga goes in search for a recipe that could well fit in with her rules. But she finds its real fun to go in search for recipes as most times, she was clueless! Finally this comes to her rescue! Find out how she modifies to suit it to her taste!

Sharmila makes a easy and chewy roti with sooji. This is very easy to digest as its cooked twice! And don’t forget to check on the yummy looking subji too!

Shifa comes out with a Malabar specialty of Gothamb Pathiti, which is famed by the Muslims! You should see the way Shifa folds to cook this, just too good!

Shuba makes a roti with oats with lots of masala. I guess its more like a dosa batter, but it will do as it can be thought as a thick roti too. Anyway the oats and other things in this makes it very interesting to note!

Siri takes a virtual trip to Rajasthan and cooks up these yummy Bedmi Roti. She says it is said it might take centuries to perfect the authentic delicacies, but she has done it with such ease!

Sita of Andhra Flavors brings in a flavourful dish that looks so tempting. She makes the Indian roti into a kebabs, which actually have some curry stuffing in it. It really looks very delicious!

Chance meeting a Sindhi couple, our dear Sunshinemom was introduced to Koki, a sindhi delicacy! But being calorie conscious, she denied herself this for a long time. But there is something called temptation right, I always say, best thing to do is to yield to temptation. She did just that and see how wonderful they have turned out to be!

Swati now brings in Sattu ka paratha. Now how many of you know what Sattu is? Well I didn’t know much about it, until I read what she has to say, so head on to her place to read more about Sattu and its Values!

Next we have exciting rotis coming from The Yum Blog! Lak does a mini roti mela at her place and brings in few of the entries she had promised. And she says her round up post was truly Ashafied. Well you can also check Asha’s reaction in the comment section!..hilarious!.Anyway this Bhakhri comes all the way from the Yummy blog!

Lathamma prepares an authentic kannadiga recipe that her friend shared with her. Not just that, the roti is accompanied with Niger seeds and Horsegram. Talking about an healthy roti, nothing can become more than this!

We have always been very much into ragi and have always been doing many dishes with this. So I was really happy seeing this from Lathamma when she made this for RCI Karnataka!

Well Lak is known for her witty talk, we have exchanged many a mails, where I had to seriously control my posture than RODFLE…well you can spend some other time trying to understand what that means, but go ahead read what Lak has to say about her most favorite dish of all, The Tawa ladies and if any gentleman is reading this, pls check on the post to know all!

Finally from me, our very own Jonna Roti and Sada Roti. Athamma is a specialist in rolling out Jonna Roti in the traditional way.

And Sada Roti reminds me of the many evenings, I have spent waiting for Amma to pat these away! Well its obviously my favorite!

Next on the plate are the revelling Rice Rotis!

Passing away of Summer gets Alka into reminiscing about the wonders of food that one gets doing during the sultry summer afternoons. This sets way to Dodo which is a roti made with rice four accompanied by flavoured masala buttermilk. And this Dodo calls for a special rice, of course for the people of north, our famous sona masuri!….Imagine eating these crispy biyam rotti in the hot summer afternoon!

Bindiya during her daily ritual stumbles on my blog and happens on this Roti Mela. Well I thought only I was so excited, but she is too and wanted to share her lovely Akki Roti. Not just that, it has lots of veggies added.! Wow

Lakshmi makes this yummy combi with veggies and rice flour! The specialty of this roti is that is made on a thin tawa that’s specially made for this!..Now which is for what? Whatever, the roti looks ready to eat!!

Shifa brings in a Malabari specialty! Neriya Pathiri is made with rice atta and is very popular. Though it may sound familiar, the way they make is different! Thanks Shifa for the authentic dish!

Lak comes out with Akki roti plain and says though there are many ways to prepare this in a spicy pancakes, nothing can be more exciting than the plain one! Now who ever said Plain Jane looked dull??

Trupti brings in another authentic dish called Tandlache Thalipeeth which is also known as Rice Flour Roti. Any type of roti can be used to make this and you can also make it lot more healthy by adding veggies. Trupti, thank you very much, I had learnt few things from your posts!

Usha from Creativitch makes this roti that she calls twice baked. Well, it does look very nice baked. And they she serves it with Stuffed Eggplant! Now I am partial to anything that’s served with that gravy!

When she wants to get a breakfast in jiffy, this is what Veda turns too. And it can be added with any veggie, so its all the more healthy. This time Veda comes out with a different filling!

I have always been a great lover of rotis made with other flours. And when you add onions and spices to rice flour, it takes you to a different level!

From Maharashtra, comes their popular delicacy called the Thalipeeth.

As I told you, Bhags has a way with words, and she surely make to hooked to her posts. I have had read many and forgot what the recipe was all about. And this time it was about Kandyache Thallipeeth and I have forgotten how she says you got to cook!

Bhagyashri shares with us the Thalipeeth. She is so fond of Thalipeeth, that she would easily devour 1 2 many, only to be reminded by her mom that she might end up having a stomachache. Looking at her picture, I am sorely tempted too. If only she makes it for me!

Shubha gets all excited when she comes across a Sabudana Thalipeeth and was eager to make it out. So she makes it the first chance she gets! I must say it looks really very yummy!

Sireesha shares her mom’s recipe which is her most favorite. She says she can have it any time of the day. I must say these Thalipeeth are looking very yummy!

Sunshinemom gets hooked to Thalipeeth, when her friend got some for her. One thing led to another and we find that she has gone through the entire process of grinding the flour! Now that’s called love for food right!…

Trupti comes out with her version of thalipeeth made of bhajani flour. I can’t wait to try out these yummy rotis, only I wish I know if these are available here!

From the land of Gujarati comes their famous Theplas!

Ani Sheetal coming to the Mela with her version of Theplas. I don’t think I will ever get tired of eating thepla, cos when I think of them, I recollect fond memories!

Anjali does a 10 picture meme along with a healthy methi thepla. Well those 10 pictures look great and tempting, not to mention abt the methi thepla!

HC gets nostalgic talking about train journey and how theplas are associated with them! I guess we remember more of our journey through life all linked with Food! How wonderful! Check out HC’s lovely theplas that she has made with methi and elevated it to another level!

Jan tries her hand with Thepla. And feels happy that they came out well. To make it more interesting she adds coriander and Fenugreek into it!

Well looking around for a dish that Jayashree could make, using what she has on hand, she was happy she could cook that fresh methi dying to be picked up! Well, this led to Methi Theplas!

Priyanka tried out the thepla for the first time and is impressed with its taste! Not that, she has her sister glued to it! Well , e now know how well blog is being made use of!

The Delhi belle is doing a balle balle!..oops its theplas right. After many hits and tries, she finally lands on the correct formula. Now she is jubilant! So am I! Not just that she makes it more healthy by adding the mooli!

Roma sings praises of Thepla and this is what she made when she was on the move. Thepla, which can stay good for a week, was the ideal dish that she could prepare, and be assured that she need not look out for unhealthy food on the move! Wow, and I must say all roma’s picture comes out very tempting!

Sia finds cooking very therapeutic and she reaches out to her kitchen when she is drained out. Wish I live somewhere close by, so that every time she gets drained, she’s ought to cook some fab food like this and of course being a dear friend will share with me!.

Finally for a sweet taste!

The undaunted Puran Poli

Anisheetu brings in another sweet dish, this time its Puran Poli! This traditional dish gets prepared so many times and everything one looks as beautiful as the other! This one no less!

Divya confesses that sweets make her go in her knees. She resisted so hard and waited just for a wee bit of a push. And you find she devoured most of those delicious looking polis!

Jan makes an yummy puran poli but with atta. I remember my aunt making this way to avoid using maida and those used to taste yummy. So I am sure Jan enjoyed it a lot

Pallavi makes Bakshalu which is also called the Poli. They are used to making these for the Ugadi festival and she is happy that she is continuing the tradition!

Radhika is all elated that she finally prepare the Puran Poli all by herself without any help! I can understand the feeling. Though its very much any stuffed poli, if you have eaten a real good one, you know the difference!.Thanks Radhika for the lovely polis!

Santhi seems to have a way with words! What else can you say, when you leads you to believe that she is least qualified to talk about food, when her pictures look so beautiful! Well inspiration led her to cook these. I am glad that she was!

Trupti brings a blast from past by talking about her Puran Poli she make some months back! And yeah that picture is just too yummy to be missed! I am really wondering how many ways you can cook the same Poli? Looks like a lot!

Vandana after attending a party featuring maharashtrain, she gets an urge to make these at home! But she always thought they must be so difficult to make until she got around making them. And those pictures look tempting enough!

Another sweet dish from the rocking ladies are this Boli! Well its the poli but stuffed as in a stuffed chapathi. Well Lak did say she doesn’t like chapaku chapaku way of making it on the oiled leaf!

And finally from me, the version I learnt from my mom! Ugadi has always been memorable because Amma used to make Poli on the day. And now I make them for all festivals!.

You eat Sugar as such or in a Roti?..Well some Sugar Rotis then!

Lakshmi from Taste of Mysore brings us a dish, that’s quite popular all over the place not just Mysore, I guess. Well who does not like sugar in their rotis. I am sure this is every kid’s choice!

Medhaa comes with Khand Jo Phulko, which is nothing but Paratha stuffed with Sugar. Isn’t it an exciting way to make a kid eat? Well some adults too!

Next she makes the Meetho Lolo which is usually made during a festival called Thadri. Check out her space to read the story behind the festival!

Mythreyee was always treated yummy lolos by her sindhi neighbor. She even sends them across on visits. Now isn’t it wonderful of Mythreyee to share such an awesome dish with us!

Still can take Other Sweet Rotis!

Aditi gets down to mixing dates and badam into the paratha and comes out with one energy packed roti!..they are so divine looking and can be had as a dessert too!

Ani sheetu ends up making a poli with carrot stuffing. Well it does look very tempting by all orange colour it has!

I was hoping somebody will send me these. And I was really glad that Divya was able to send these for the Mela. Just knowing more about these, makes me want to try these out!

Divya comes out with a yummy stuffing for a poori. Yes I first thought she had dipped it in sugar, only to realize she has fried it. Gosh they look very nice. Imagine the taste of coconut after its been fried!

Maybelle’s Mom is got to be innovative. After all Maybelle must be keeping her on her toes to get the right stuff to eat. So its no wonder mom has come out with such yummy dishes!

Priya comes out with an innovative dish. They make a sweet potato dish for offering on Shivrathri and since her hubby didn’t like it. She stuffed it into roti to make a poli! I must say this is the first time I am hearing this!

When I saw this wonderful roti made with jackfruit, I had to ask Shilpa send this to me. Well Shilpa is known to dish out authentic dishes and this is one such thing.

Sowmya makes a dish to satisfy couple of events. Now this is a real challenge! She comes out with this dish after much research! In the process, she gets her hubby mightily upset. Yeah he was upset that she made just few! Well all the more reason for more events!

Srimathi aka Foody Guru is never out of Ideas. Some of the things that she comes out with are so amazing, that I wonder why I never thought it myself! Well gurus are meant to be like that right! And this time, with left kesari on hand, she turns it to be a poli, all stuffed within a Roti!

Another authentic Poli from the lands of Karnataka comes to us from The Yum Blog. Lathamma does a great job in dishing out so many kannadiga dishes! And this poli using the ground nut is something you shouldn’t miss out!

Trupti makes an yummy poli with Gur and Coconut with peanut. I am sure all those lovely ingredients must’ve given lot of taste to the poli!

This is the second time I am seeing a poli with Sweet Potato. I must say, had it not been for the mela, I would never have known you can make it this too!..And yes, its another wonderful way to eat the Sweet Potato!

You are worried about calories when you indulge in sweets? Usha comes out with a recipe that takes care of your worries. She makes a sweet roti with jaggery which sure take the cake!

Finally two sweet dishes from me. These two were what I learnt from Athamma. The Coconut poli was so very different from the usual puran poli that I make. Well it always something we make when coconut is dying for attention.

Last but not the least, a Pal Puri, which was just too good with the coconut and poppy seeds in it. This isn’t the regular pal puri that one makes.


Though I had planned for trying out many more recipes for the mela, I was glad that I could contribute about 25 of them. But more than happy with all the different entries that made their way to the Mela.

Thank you everybody for your enthusiastic participation. Do let me know if I have missed out any entry. I will update immediately.

Enjoy the Rotis!

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    When you get a chance, do pop over to my blog as I have something for you there.

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