The Roti Mela Mega Round up ~ Part 2!

Life brings in many tricks. One such would be to give you things when you least expect it! I had planned to post the Roti Mela round up in parts, basically because I enjoyed reading all of them and trying to give an intro to each. I know its hard work, because it takes time. Still I am all for it and I have done all the work. But when I expected to post in series, that’s when I was wrong. I never expected my net connection to give up on me. And I went and enrolled for Nablopomo. Imagine that! I was thinking how really funny it would be. When I enroll to post without fail, I couldn’t. But I was touched beyond words by mails I got from readers and friends, asking me if I was all ok, because they didn’t find a post for the last two days. Well at least for their expectations, I will try to ensure I don’t miss out a day!

Ok, now for the part2 round up! We now come to the part where you really don’t have to worry if your stuffing is going to stay in place or not. Just whip them and blend them. Roll and cook. Your paratha is ready!

Roti Mela Part 1

Lets move on to see the exciting stuffs that can be blended within a dough.

Parathas with Dazzling Dals!

From the queen of yummy desserts, Deeba comes another hitter! Well its not cakes or desserts my friends. This time, she presents a Dal paratha! Why you ask, well she can’t send one of those yummy cakes she bakes all the time right and on top she can only cheat her son eat lentils this way!

Madhuram changes a disaster into a success story. When a batch of peas got overcooked, it found its way back as Roti. Yes blended in a Roti, it made it soft and fragrant!

Meera’s guidya enjoyed a paratha with rajma and she decided this is the right time to make her eat something else too. so this time she tucks it in with black bean!

Who wouldn’t like dal paratha! so its no wonder Raaga does too. And lucky girl gets to have these from her friend’s mom. And because they are quick, she makes these every other chance she gets, which keeps her going till the lunch time!

Next, comes from Swati who calls herself Leftover cooking Queen! Well, I must say whatever it is, those parathas really look so yummy!..lucky G!

Finally, Supriya a nonblogger, sends in her lovely recipe for Dal paratha. She even sent the pictures. They for sure look so yummy! Dal Palak Roti has the goodness of lentils and spinach. This is a sure way to make our everyday roti more flovorful!

Recipe in her own words!

1 cup whole wheat flour,
1/2 cup pressure-cooked moong & tur dals,
1/2 cup palak puree,
1 tsp dhana-jira pwd,
1/4 tsp red chilli pwd,
1/4 tsp amchoor pwd.

Spices can ofcourse be adjusted to taste.

No/very little water is needed to form the dough.

Then I rolled out the rotis and roasted on the skillet with a drop of oil on each side.

This made 7 rotis.
I served this with chanya-chi-amti (brown chana curry).

For all those who say Greens are great to have in food, here comes Parathas with Greens!

From our dear daring baker, now comes a roti! And what a recipe it is, it has methi, banana, besan and onions. Now that’s what I call a mixture of flavours. And Aparna also says the dough can be made a day before and stored. All so helpful when you are in a hurry!

Divya always comes back with the same question, what to make for dinner! Well I guess this is something that plagues everybody. To make the everyday affair something different, she plans for a new dish and to accompany it, she thought of adding kasuri methi to perk up the chapathis!

Hetal loves to experiment and try out new recipes. And when she heard about the mela, she wanted to send in a new roti! I am glad, so the dish she has sent is all green and lovely!

Next three rotis come from our Kalai, who is never short of Ideas.

Since Kalai never liked the texture of akki roti, she devises a way to change it by adding lots of veggies and aromatic by adding fresh dill! Well you have a meal and it can be had all by itself!

Being in a corny mood, takes Kalai to try out some rotis with corn flour! Not to be left out, she added some spinach she had on hand. Well this is surely some experiment! Kalai is always seen coming out with such exceptional dishes, so this is no less!

Finally Kalai brings in the favorite methi roti. Its something that she has always been making along with her mom. And its also something you can think of when you are bored of the regular ones. But this is different, cos she uses tomatoes!

Kittie has a phobia when she thinks she has to make a roti. But she did when she took up the task to make coconut roti and then to layered paratha. Now for a lady who made these, making another is no big task. And yes she ends up with a lovely brightly coloured spicy Roti!

Laksh makes a change to the regular roti. She pulls out a cookbook for guidance and comes out with an exciting one! My interaction with Laksh was very interesting. I landed on her cooking blog, then on her personal blog which she keeps updating so beautifully, without even knowing about it!

Nanditha talks about a journey she made in train and those memories that always linger on! But this journey was very special for her! Click on to read more about it! In the process don’t forget to enjoy that methi rotis that are stacked up!

Well Neha has to come out with exciting rotis that can be fed to picky kids. And the colourful rotis will surely make the kid want to eat them!

Rekha makes a roti with green chutney. This works out easy if you have the chutney ready on hand!

Sireesha makes these palak paratha as way to make her lil one eat greens. I know its not just kids, some adults too who don’t like greens can find this the best way!

Sukanya comes out with a super duper healthy recipe made with Mustard greens. She says she found it very helpful in addressing many health facts. But more than that, it sounds wonderful, so that alone is enough to make us try this out!

From the enthusiastic cooker comes a new variety of greens, all stuffed within a roti!. She says, they get introduced to a new vegetable and the best way to experiment is either with dal or paratha. I am glad she choose paratha! I got to know a new one now! And the pictures are simply great!

Next two rotis comes from Lak of The Yum Blog.

Lak makes her favorite way of blend herbs into the atta to make it more interesting! Yes, for blending and kneading an atta, there are million possibilities. But be sure to check out one of them as given by Lak…the Mint Rotis, blending the goodness of minty aroma to an atta!

Next herb blended Roti on the plate is coriander leaves blended well with atta! I think I will have another stack of them right now!

Vanamala makes a beautiful green rotis with palak. Palak is everybody’s choice and when its blended into dough, it just changes the taste and makes it yummy to eat!

Veda makes a lacha paratha mixed with mint. They do a good change to the regular ones and its all spiced. They look so yummy in green and all layered!

Next on the plate are the One and Only Onions!

Nirmala finally gets a chance to prepare this cheese onion paratha that she bookmarked. It was an instant hit and she says the pepper, cheese and onions take these to a different level. I can almost imagine the taste!

Renuka brings in a roti thats filled with onions and other spices. I can see this is very special, as this is what her mom used to make for her! I can have an onion chapati anytime of the day!

Sangeeth wants to make a difference to the regular roti that she was making and thus came about an onion roti. Well I am great fan of Onion roti, so its a pleasure seeing another entry on this!

Siri comes out with a wonderful Bhakri made with Onions! What can say after taking a look at the picture! Siri I want you to make these next time!

Spring Onion Paratha comes to Sumi’s rescue for a late night dinner. Well I don’t mind an endless saga of dosa myself, but then one does need a change right. so though she is fond of dosa, she reaches out these lovely rotis for a change!

And finally from me, my version of Onion Chapati. Those this is a simple straight forward roit, wonder how many memories are linked to it!

Want some Spice to your Roti!

From the queen of Puzzles comes a puzzle, wanna take a shot at guessing what all went into this roti? Well you might fail. Because DK has put the most unexpected spices into it and says she prefers this channa masala! Oh Gawd, is this the secret for her intelligence!

Rakha makes another paratha very interesting by adding all the spices and fried gram dal into it. Very healthy one to have!

Next two dishes from Priyanka are very interesting as first she makes a simple roti more attractive by adding ajwain and spices.

Then she gets this roti all the way from Kashmiri, which is blended with all spices and aromatic ingredients. Makes it a great change from everything rotis!

Sheela makes a roti with egg and other spices. Makes a great combi for non veg, I am sure.

Veggies blended into all!

Aditi makes a mix and match parathas by adding in gajar and purple cabbage. They do look so colourful! and not to mention the goodness!

Sheetal makes a paratha with Pumpkin and Spinach. I am sure the spinach added a great flavour!

From Anjali comes a Doodhi Paratha. I have never attempted to make it this way and seeing this, sure makes me want too!

Deepthi talks of the passion everybody seems to have for stuffed parathas. Though the famous ones are tried and tasted by all, she comes out with these carrot and makes the best use of the left over rice! She was too excited that they came out super soft and tasty!

Divya doesn’t like mooli ki smell! But then it all changed into a love story, when she happened to eat the Mooli ka paratha that her MIL made for her! And to make it even better, she adds carrot. Now we have one healthy roti on hand!

I guess this panicky statement hits all! So we find Kalai in that mood and suddenly hope comes through when she remembers avocado lying around and with her passion for garlic, she turns it into an avocado garlicky affair! I must say these saved her from venturing out in cold!

Rekha makes Gobi Paratha with a twist. Yeah she uses raw cauliflower and found it to very tasty!

Pallavi had an urge to eat mooli ka paratha. But since there wasn’t enough on hand, she added some cabbage. Thus came into existence Cabbage Radish Paratha. This does prove necessity is the ….Well you can complete it while you are enjoying her beautiful picture!

Prajusha wanted to make something special. And gave up with this idea of mixing coconut into the flour. I for a moment thought it to be a sweet dish, only to get excited with her ingredients. She uses Sambar powder and blends into the flour!..How very lovely!

To go with the yummy dish she made, Ranji wanted to make the paratha evern better by mixing the mooli in it!. I must say I never had mooli paratha with anything else, but this does make you change!

Shifa finds innovative ways to make her son eat vegetables. And he eats because there is the ketchup that accompanies. It sounds so much like my own affair! So Lauki Paratha is something Shifa comes out to entice her son!

Shri makes these great looking vegetable chapati, which are simple to make, yet very tasty!
Vegetable Chappathi

Sunita’s space is another one of those which leaves you breathless! Yeah I am talking about her pictures and the many innovative dishes she makes for her happy family! Her tales of her kids and her time in kitchen plus the beautiful pictures, makes Sunita’s world, one wonderful place to be! So I was only too glad that she sent in her soya blended rotis!

Sushma comes in with a celebration! Its her blog’s first anniversary and though she planned for many things, unfortunately time didn’t meet her needs. So she thinks she will make these Masala paratha for her special day!. Well congrats once again Sus and thank you for the yummy dish!

Usha says she can’t be without Roti for long, so she is always looking out ways to make different varieties. And it got to be healthy too, so what else can be more healthy than blending in carrot in them!

For a very long time, I never had beet root. Then I got used to eating it as kurma. But this is ultimate. as a paratha. But Veda says, this is how her kid loves it. So when a kid can like it, it sure must be real tasty!

Next two are from me. Mooli Ka Paratha is what I like when its prepare by mom and she makes the best onion chutney to go with it. Then there is this experiment we did with Pumpkin and Foxmillet. Resultant Roti was just awesome!

Other interesting ways to blend!

Divya comes out with a healthy chapati, making it with Oats. She is happy that she makes her dinner very healthy by including these in her roti flour! What an idea!

I know you know that we got make the fullest usage of seasonal fruits. But this???..Well Indo taught me a new filling by making out a paratha with Raw Mango stuffing. That’s taking a fancy to heights, I would say. But you can’t stop Indo, she has got a fan fare behind, so I thought “you better keep mum and try this out yourself! this has got into my to do list of don’t ask me which stuffs!

Ok, now Meera asks you a difficult question! What will you do if you find some handful of stuff that it can’t be made anything whole with it. So she heads straight ahead and comes out with a recipe that’s asked for all the things she had on hand.

Here comes another roti with leftover rice, this time from Priti. I think its very innovative to use up your rice like this and in the process enjoy yummy Rotis!

Next from Supriya, non-blogger, comes the Tofu Roti. She got this idea from her friend who used to make these. It sure makes a difference to the roti!

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 12oz. packet firm tofu (drained),
4 tbsps kasuri methi,
dhana-jira pwd,
red chilli pwd.

Made a soft pliable dough (again – no/very less water in required).

Rolled out and roasted the rotis with a drop of oil on each side.
This was served with red chard & potato subji and cucumber-onion-tomato raita.

Vandana finds that best way to include protein to her rotis were by adding tofu. And they also tend to make the rotis much better in terms of softness and taste! So why not!

And finally from me a paratha from Left over rice. I normally don’t use left over stuffs. But this idea was given by a colleague, so I just used the rice to make the rice. So its always better to have some idea to deal when you have left over rice!

Now comes the stuffed parathas with so many exciting fillings!

With Dal!

Jan brings in two dal stuffed parathas! This is why I like innovative cooking. And what’s better if it turns out yummy! Jan did just that with her plain rice and dal to combine all into an exciting Stuffed paratha! Way to go Jan!

Next she comes out with a roti that’s easy to carry when you are on the move! I am simply drooling over her yummy picture!

Medhaa bring in this traditional dal Jo lolo, which is usually prepare during Thadri. It is believed that worshiping during this festival gives them healthy. Well its also good to eat such delicacies!

Nandita makes a stuffing with moong dal inside a chapathi. She also gives notes on why eating whole wheat flour is good for health! Well I don’t mind been advocated on that, cos I love it!

Priya’s love in life was rotis once upon a time. When kids do lot of mischievous things, she and her sisters indulged in cooking up rotis! Now that’s a pastime I might have gladly spent in their midst, for my passion with stuffed parathas! This Biraiee roti, tops her favorite, I know why!

This lady thinks aloo Paratha and Mooli paratha are everyday affair!ehh..could be she being a punju. So she thinks what her mom will consider as special! well I am so happy that she banged on the right one. I simply love Chana dal parathas! Now I wish she would stop the torturing with her pictures!

Sowmya wanted to make something special from Gujarat and what else is more special than these Dal paratha!..yeah those look so beautiful!

Finally from me, a dal paratha that I had always wanted to make after I had tasted it once during a food festival. Well I was happy it came out well!

Stuffed with the phool..I mean Gobi

Anisheetu ends up trying a gobi paratha from pritu and they all liked it very much. Yeah stuffing in a paratha is the best way to eat when you don’t like gobi! And see even before these made to the round up, they are made and appreciated

Well I can’t get more happy than this. Karuna made this gobi paratha just to send this to the Mela. How sweet. And going by the looks of the paratha, I am sure they enjoyed in the process too!

Meera got hooked to the Broccoli and tries to make use of it in many ways. And one of the wonderful way is stuffing them in paratha. Just as you do the Gobhi wala!…check out her yummy pictures with all step by step pictures…

Priti sends in her first post, which was gobi paratha and I am very glad that it comes to the Mela! And kudos to her nephew for helping out taking so lovely pictures! Priti wishing you many blogging years!

Sia had a love hate relationship with the phool, I mean the gobi. From her rambling, I find she didn’t eat most! But her mom ensured she sneaks all these somehow. One day, it so happened..ok you can read rest of the lovely tale at her place. But the end of the story, she’s got hooked to Cauliflower Parathas!

You got to read this interesting post from Lathamma. When she had posted it way back, I was so happy reading it. And when Lak did a mini round up of their roti gallery, I ended up enjoying reading all these again!..You will have an eyeful seeing lathamma’s beautiful stuffed paratha with gobi!

Stuffed with Greens

Jan has always been making a methi wali paratha by mixing it with the flour. But she gets to know of this from her mil and gets hooked to it!

Jayashree, true to her blog name, makes an experiment with Red spinach in roti! And says its too good to be matched.

Suma says that an ordinary roti is all made interesting by adding or stuffing veggies or other ingredients. And to make it even more healthier she replaces water with fat free milk! Now what can one ask for than this.

Suma Rajesh comes out with an interesting paratha stuffed with Spinach and Aloo. Goodness of palak gets added to the paratha to make it more healthy!

Stuffing with Other exciting things!

Now Anjali is one person who comes out with the most innovative and unexpected recipes. But nothing can beat a paratha with Bisi Bele Bhaat! Well the picture looks great and she says it was very yummy. so the next time you fin BBB excess on hand, than this should handy!

Next from Anjali is a paratha stuffed with Rice flour and spices into a paratha. Now that’s really something! Ever wonder if such things can also be done. Well she says it tastes great!

Arundati was as usual in a different world. Its very fun reading what she has to say and this time when I buzzed her, she asked if the mela is done with. I was thinking @#$#$..anyway I didn’t say that to her..:)…she said she has one more for me. Yey Yey, I can never be satisfied with all the entries…so I said send it on! But one look at the picture, I was doomed..

Dee talks about how Tofu entered her life and how it become her best buddy. check out her yummy looking Tofu stuffed paratha!..They for sure can convert a non tofu lover!

I am always delighted with Paneer, more so when an entry comes with it. And even more so when the picture is out right calling to you!..I should say for a first time, Divya has come with one yummy dish!

Jayasree makes an exciting paratha with cooked rice and spices. Her busy schedule kept her from cooking many new varieties, which I think is very sad! But still I am happy to have learnt another chawal ka paratha!

Neema makes an excellent paratha with Mughlai stuffing. Now this is what I call royal dealings! The picture has turned out prefect!

Padma comes out with a protein rich roti by adding lots of nuts. These are not only good, but can stay for a week. So why wait, go ahead and make these

Sheetal has a quick answer if you are running out ideas or feeling lazy or just about anything. Make these awesome papad paratha that’s a solution to all queries!

And then from me, my favorite Paneer stuffed paratha! This used to special for me when I used to do things for family.

Finally from Shuba, I asked for some but Shubha made a bunch! All in a days time, imagine that and they were only eating these through the day. Yeah I might have also enjoyed that company. And the varieties she has come out with are just too much!

Check out her beautiful Roti ki Tokri! Which means, a basket with varieties of lovely!

So check out her Roti ki Tokri which has Butter Paratha, Raw Banana Roti, Stuffed Rice Roti, Chow-Chow Roti, Masala Aloo Roti, Brocolli Paratha. Thank you Shuba for so many exciting varieties!

Then Shuba comes across this amazing stuffing that asks for papad. Yes you heard right. The filling has crushed papad, besides many other flavour some ingredients and it makes one tempting roti!

Some with Non Veg stuffing!

Ah I was in love with this picture. It was so very beautifully taken and when I started reading what MCF had to say about this dish and when its prepared, I could envisage myself in that place. Now folks all the way from Malabar, this specialty comes to us with a lovely tale and a beautiful Picture!

Priyanka makes a lovely egg paratha stuffed with veggies to make it even more yummy!

Sheetal makes a paratha with chicken keema as the stuffing. Well what else chicken fan can ask for!!! And that picture does not do any less of tempting!

Swapna makes an yummy stuffing for paratha with keema. I am sure my hubby would be so glad if I make it for him. So this is surely on my list!

Finally with Vegetables!

Well as I said Anu was saying she can’t make paratha. When I asked her what she can make she said she has made only with Aloo and Mooli! Now what else can one ask for more..esp with those parathas looking so nice!

EC comes out with some exciting Carrot and Peas Paratha! Anytime this should be enough I would be enough!

Jan next comes with a Onion Stir Fry Paratha thats quick and easy! Since its not raw, it can be stored and used.

Madhavi comes out with a vegetable paratha which she says is oil less or ghee less. You are asking how its possible? Well go and check it out yourself!

Nupur makes these lovely parathas stuffed with Mooli and says its their family favorite! Simple and easy to make, they can satisfy one anytime!

Roopa tried out this yummy paratha by mixing it with peas and carrot. The result was one great looking parathas!

Sia can spin a story and get you lost in it. Well not just that, to accompany her stories, she has beautiful pictures too. How less do you explain how Zucchini becomes Miss Slender and wants to escape the cold storage!

Ok, the same story with Mooli all over the place! Too much for Sambar, turns into a paratha! Sunshinemom says the best mooli ka paratha was made by her neighbour and she has been making it the same since a long time now.

Phew!..done for today…next in next Edition, the final one Roti Mela Part 3!

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