Rasam Powder for Cumin & Pepper Rasam ~ The Simplest!

As I have talked in length of my Amma’s Cumin & Pepper Rasam, I can’t just stop without talking about the basics that go into it. When parents relocated, there were many things that we were upset on. But in that depressing moment, hubby dear cracked me up saying, why don’t you ask her to teach you the proper Rasam, atleast we will have something to solace us. Well I have been making the same rasam for a long time, still wanted to confirm if I was missing something. Amma said nothing else goes into this except Cumin and Pepper and good amount of fresh garlic directly into the rasam. So here is the simplest way Amma makes, yet it tastes heaven.

Coming Soon! Check out this space in the coming days for a Video on making Jonna Roti, by Athamma. I will be uploading it by Monday or Tuesday!

Now back to Jeelakkara Miriyala Rasam powder!

Add equal portions of Cumin and Pepper, and grind to smooth powder. There is no roasting required. Store in a container. We make batches for about a week, because the aroma might be lost if made in large quantities.

Sometimes, I add red chillies to this and grind. Normally it is not added.

The trick lies in crushing the garlic along with Red chillies and curry leaves and sautéing in oil. At times Amma tempers with ghee if its for Konda.

This is part of the series featuring Basics in Indian cooking. These form the basics in my kitchen and help me to have more organised way of cooking healthy and fast, in this hurried and hectic life style we have. I would be interested to know how you make your Rasam Powder. Thanks!


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Rasam Powder for Cumin & Pepper Rasam ~ The Simplest!
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  1. Valli, I make a paste of cumin+pepper powder along with tamarind and the usual fare added for rasam. When needed, take a spoon and mix hot water. Pepper rasam is ready. Shall blog about it.

  2. I always grind chaaru podi fresh.I use cumin, coriander seeds,black pepper,red chilly and hing together.If making rasam with plain water little tuvar dal also is added.Depending on my mood a add crushed raw garlic directly to the boiling chaaru.
    Looking forward to see the video Srivalli.

  3. jayasree, thats a nice and easy one…thanks for sharing..

    Happy cook, yep its very simple…thanks..will upload soon

    Mallika, thats good to know…this should be pretty easy now right…

    kamala, good..then you amma must be a great chef too..:)

    Lapa, thank you, and thanks for dropping by!

    Kalai, yeah..gets done fast though you got to make sure of gredients

    Uma, thank you

    Anjali, yeah quite easy to get it done

    sra hhaha..god you amuse me so much!

    satya, thats a nice combo..thanks for the details…and yes I can understand that on the ghee part!..:)

  4. I make apowder of jeera cummin and redcillies. this powder will be added to dal and tamarind water. and boil it. add tadka with hing jeera curryleaves.some corianderleaves can be added.this is jeerige menasina saru.try this.thank you.

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