A Spoon full of Nuts!

Well I think this must be simplest and easiest thing I have ever done for any event. This month has been quite hectic and I haven’t been able to participate in most events. I somehow manage, but this time it proved way beyond my capacity.

But I didn’t want to miss few events, because I had thought of the simplest one. So I proceeded to make these with just enough time I have on hand.

A spoonful of nuts is my entry to AFAM: Fruits, which is featuring Dry fruits hosted by the rocking ladies at The Yum Blog. When Lathamma asked me for the link to Maheswari, I was wondering what she is up too! When I asked her, she asked me to hold my suspense and check her blog shortly. I completely forgot that she is hosting the AFAM this month. I was trilled that she had chosen Dry Fruits. But unfortunately, as I said I couldnt’ prepare any of the numerous dishes I had planned.

I hope she accepts this simple dish prepared with honey.

This is what I had during both my pregnancies. Just chop all the dry fruits and fill in a container. Shake well and pour honey to the brim. You can see the honey seeping inside and filling the gaps. cover tightly and store.

Have a spoon every day morning and evening. Dry fruits is very good for health and more so during pregnancy. I used Cashew, Almond, Raisins, Walnut, Pista and Honey. You can add more of other nuts if they are available.

This is also my entry to Easycrafts Event on Food during Pregnancy


Be sure to get the action at Tom & Jenny Love Story Part 3! The plot is getting more serious. The Carefree Jenny suddenly gets a mysterious feeling around her.

Until next, enjoy!

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