Thotakura Pulusu ~ Authentic Andhra Dal

Thotakura Pulusu is a typical pappu from Andhra made with greens and toor dal. The pressure cooked dal is mashed and tempered with garlic and other seasoning ingredients. As a side dish for steamed rice, this makes a wonderful meal. I cooked this from Padma for my Andhra Thali. The entire meal was such a […]

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Mixed Dal with Pulka ~ Easy Dinner Ideas

Mixed Dal with Pulka is one of our most wanted dinner ideas that we almost end up making at least once a week. Why I love this is because not only it is simply so comforting, my kids love it too. They love the hot ghee loaded Pulkas served with this dal. We mostly use […]

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Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura | Drumstick in Cashew nut Gravy

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura is an authentic Andhra side dish, specially prepared in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Since I don’t like cashews I never ventured into dishes that feature cashews as the base ingredient. Ever since I have started making Paneer Butter Masala with cashew paste, I have overcome my aversion and don’t […]

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How to make Tomato Pickle | Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Tomato Pickle or this Andhra Tomato Pachadi makes an excellent chutney to be served for Idlies or Dosas. This is the latest addiction at home and have already made it couple of times. This gets served for every tiffin dish that gets served. Chutneys in the morning is always Peanut Chutney. So adding this to […]

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Kothimira Pachadi | Kothamalli Chutney for Dosas

One can never have enough chutneys to make. Even with over 70+ chutney recipes, I still have something new to share today. This one happens to be again one that I noted down from Athamma. She is a master in making Chutneys, Podis, and Pickles and never misses a chance to make a new one.This […]

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Schezwan Fried Rice | How to make Schezwan Fried Rice

For the Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, I referred the handy cookbook that was handed out during a Schezwan Cuisine Festival. Kung Po Chicken was from the same book and as I had said we were keen on making all of the dishes listed in that book. Everything that we have tried now, has turned out […]

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Cabbage Kofta | Chana Cabbage Koftas in Gravy

It seem like a long time since I made something from our cookbooks. Today’s recipe is again from Amma’s dairy that she had written a long time ago and was saying we should make it sometime. I always love kofta recipes and with cabbage it seems like a perfect dish to make for Chapatis. The […]

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Pachi Mirapakaya Karam Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Making Dosas with different Karam (Curried Masalas) is what Athamma makes most days for breakfast. She makes with ripe chillies, green chillies and so many other varieties as well. This version was something that’s made with green chillies mixed with other spices like cumin, garlic etc. This surely spikes your morning like nothing else can. […]

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Vankaya Pappu Andhra Style | Brinjal Dal ~ Lunch Box Series #2

Vankaya Pappu

Today’s lunch is Vankaya Pappu, a typical Andhra Style Pappu made with Brinjal or Eggplant along with a Gojju made with Drumstrick. I remember the first time I had explained to a colleague about Brinjal Dal and getting a werid expression on knowing a brinjal was featured in the dal. I guess there are lot […]

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