Dry Side Dishes ~ Vepudu, Poriyal, Thoran or Veggies with Dry / Medium Saute

Munagaku Vepudu
Cabbage Poriyal
Aratikaya Nuvvu Podi Vepudu
Vendakkai Curry
Udupi Style Eggplant Dry Curry ~ Step by step
Cauliflower Dry Saute ~ Easy Side Dish
Low Calorie Broccoli Carrot Stir Fry
Vazhaipoo Poriyal | Vazhapoo Thoran
Carrot Paruppu Usili | Carrot Lentil Stir Fry ~ Tamil Nadu Style
Pudalangai Kadalai Paruppu Poriyal | Snakegourd Chana dal Stir Fry
Munagaku Pappu Kura | Drumstick leaves with Dal | Lunch Box Series : LBS#72
Capsicum Besan Subji ~ Maharashtrian Style
Aloo Gobi ki Sabzi | Potato Cauliflower Dry Curry | Side Dish for Chapati
Sorakaya Vepudu ~ Bottle Gourd Stir Fry
Baby Corn, Potatoes Stir Fry in Microwave!
Lunch Box Series : LBS#50 ~ Jackfruit Seed poriyal!
Lunch Box Series : LBS#43
The Beet Wraps ~ Beetroot in disguise!
Cluster Beans with Tur Dal Medium Sauté ~ Kandi pappu Muttikaya Vepudu!
Lunch Box Series : LBS#33
Kasara Kaya Vepudu
Lunch Box Series : LBS#32
Lunch Box Series : LBS#30
Ridge Gourd Stir Fry ~ Beerakaaya Vepudu!
Lunch Box Series : LBS#29
Bindi Masala ~ The search stops here!
Lunch Box Series : LBS#24
Lunch Box Series : LBS#22

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  1. Hi, by accident i got to your blog. just browsing around. i really liked it. i was always thinking saying to others, someone should publish books on only one vegetable. In India we have so many regions and every one makes so differently. I am happy to see u follow that method. Now i can visit only u r web site for receipts.
    I just have one request. You should post recipes for new mothers diet.(4 indian's only).