How to make Mango Sauce

Mango Sauce

Learn how to make easy and quick Mango Sauce, that can be used as a topping for different differents. Here I have used it as a topping for Mango Yogurt Cream Parfait. This will be an excellent sauce for ice creams as well! I just realised that we still are getting mangoes and that I […]

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Tomato Karam Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Tomato Karam Dosa

Tomato Karam Dosa or Spread for Dosa is one of the staple topping thats commonly done in my inlaw’s place. Whenever we visit my SIL, we always end up enjoying this combination for one of the breakfasts and it being Athamma’s signature dishes, I really wonder how I missed making it to share here! When […]

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Tomato Uragaya | Andhra Tomato Pickle

Tomato Uragaya

Tomato Uragaya is a typical Andhra Style Tomato Pickle, that is made frequently during summer, using the excess bounty of tomatoes we get. This pickle is supposed to be very spicy, but we made it using only half of the amount of red chillie powder, though it is still very delicious and can be used […]

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How to make Strawberry Compote

Learn how to make Strawberry Compote with this easy and simple recipe. Strawberry Compote is a thick sauce made with crushed strawberries in a sugar syrup. If you get into the technicalities, there is the coulis, which is a fruit sauce, made with pureed and sieved fruit and cooked with sugar and citrus. While you can […]

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Paruppu Podi Tamil Style

Paruppu Podi is one of those staples on our table, especially the podi that Amma makes. Ever since I remember, I have been enjoying this podi and I can eat this along with anything and everything. Today’s version is from our recipe collection that dates over to twenty years back, that we have filed. The […]

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Spicy Soya Sauce ~ Quick and Easy Sauce

Spicy Soya Sauce is a quick sauce that can be assembled with what you already have on hand. This makes a nutty sauce to dip because of the toasted sesame seeds on top. It only took me about 5 mins to get this made as it needs assembling what you have on hand. I came […]

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Dark Chocolate Orange Ganache

Dark Chocolate Orange Ganache is infused orange dark chocolate ganache that makes a wonderful frosting for cakes and even as just a dip. I was thinking very hard on what to make when I suddenly remembered discussing with Gayathri on the ganache she made. She was talking about the new ganache she made by infusing […]

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How to make Caramel Sauce

Second day under Dips and sauces, I have a rich sinful Caramel Sauce. While I have made Caramelized Sugar Sauce for the Caramel Custard, this sauce is more rich and thick to be poured over ice creams and cakes. Excuse my poor choice of clicks for the final one. With no time on hand, I […]

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How to make Rasam Powder | Udupi Rasam Powder

For the Indian States under BM Mega Edition, I had selected Udupi Thali. Rasams are always part of the thali, Trying out different versions makes preparing the thali an enjoyable task. I selected to make the Rasam that called for Rasam powder. Infact this Rasam powder seemed like a versatile spice powder, as this Rasam […]

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