Is Jhangiri a Noodle?? They say so!

Well when B & J announced that we got to show them Noodles, I was thinking well what can I do that might fall under this, then when I scrolled down, wow they had given lot of choice. Still the thoughts were hazy, then came Arundati with her Jhangiri recipe, which sounded so simple I was really surprised. Was this really that Jhangiri that’s sold in the stops and what we feel is something that can’t be done at home. Well, for days I would visit her page and look at the picture thinking if I would really have the courage to do that, then decided nothing can be achieved being a chicken. Here comes my noodles,..sorry jhangiri.

I followed Arundati’s recipe to the T with few changes, still few things were confusing for the first time. I didn’t have yellow colour, so added turmeric. Then added Orange colour. Finally to give a tart taste, added Dry ginger aka sonti…ok ok..this is the life of a blogger. With given time we need to satisfy all our dear friends. Dry ginger is my addition, you don’t have to blame Arundati for it. But believe me it gave it a great taste. Ok if you don’t’ believe me, you can ask Lathamma later this week. Because I am taking these to her!

Ingredients Needed

200 gms urad dal
1 tbspn rice
1 & 1/2 cup sugar
2 cup water
Oil for frying
Dry ginger – 1/2 tsp
Turmeric a pinch
Orange food colour

Method to prepare:

Soak Urad dal and rice for 30 mins. Infact let it soak for more time.

Drain water and run it in mixie. You need to add some water to get a consistency that’s like butter. This probably needs about 15 mins of grinding.

Add sonti and colour and mix well. Cut an end of a plastic cover, the hole needs to be just a small one, depending on the size you want.

Heat oil and scoop the batter to the plastic cover and press the batter into hot oil as circles like a muruku.

Sim for a while so that it gets cooked on both sides.

Meanwhile, melt sugar in water by boiling it, remove dirt if any!. Let it be on sim.

Once the Jhangiri is cooked, duck it into the sugar syrup. Since this is jhangiri, you can let it be in sugar syrup for 10 mins. I was thinking this is jalebi and removed it soon.

Once its well coated, store it in air tight containers.

This goes to B&J’s Click event.

Now, not sure which one looks more appealing. This time, I have some time to relax. So help me out on which one looks good. I can’t be like her calling it ugly, her dish looks beautiful to me, but these are my best shots! πŸ˜€

Long shot

Close shot..I can’t get any closer, if I do then you will get to see only red colour.

Well this is by my daughter. She insisted her chunnies would give it air! So had to oblige her too.

Ok, now to the other business, since this has Sonti or rather I added it to be sent to Sunita, well she asked us to think of ginger this month. I always obeyed my teachers, so can’t do it different now.

And Hima asked me what my favorite Sweet was, well this of course!

And since this is vegan, sending this to dear Suganya who is into vegan venture this month. Can’t disappoint our dear friends. So here comes Jhangiri for rescue!

Enjoy your weekends!

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Is Jhangiri a Noodle?? They say so!
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  1. I didnt get to eat the laddus but had her Naan and malai koftas and gulam jamun and her famous mixtures….!..yes I too wish you were here…it would’ve been wonderful Asha!

  2. wow!!!yummy yummy one ….i also have made long time before ….but i did not take a snap at all ….next time i shall make them and click and post …..great entry

  3. Looks great, and easy too. But I don’t think I can work up the courage to try them out. Will content myself with looking at the pictures! I think the first picture is the best of the lot.

  4. Wowwwwwwwww This is another one of my favourite indian sweets. Come to think about it i have lot of favourite sweets πŸ™‚
    Well you tempted me to make your masala peanuts, but Jhangiri i would love to have it, but when i think about the work for making them, make me just drool on your pic.

  5. musical, thank you…yes it gave it a tart taste…

    bee, thanks for the event!..I learnt a new one this way!

    Deepa..oh them again and post will enjoy that..

    sagari, thank you…glad you like them

    remya, thanks…they were crispy…later turned soft..jabeli would remain crispy..

    arundati, yes ..thanks for the recipe..we all enjoyed it.

    sunita, thanks …glad you like them

    easycrafts, thank you!

    Lathamma..hahah..what to do…it was may not gave it a tart taste..I could taste the difference…glad you felt that way..same here

    Bharathy, yeah but it wasn’t that hard…you can easily try it..oh we would’ve loved to meet you..make it next time

    Kamini, thank you..but its really not so difficult…you can easily prepare it.

    Namratha, yeah it was great…a different taste for a change

    Roopa, thanks! said…

    Suganya, well when there are so many events and you want to participate in all…you will get motivated enough..:D

    Happy cook, thank you…but as I said it was quite simple…try it and you will love it..

  6. Hi, fieryblaster I followed the same recipe and it came out well.

    important thing to remember is the hole used should not be very wide and should be cooked over slow heat.

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